China Management Employment Contract


Hire a candidate to fill a management position in a company located in China with this Management Employment Contract, in accordance with the Labor Law of the PRC.

  • The contract is for a specified term, which can be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and employee.
  • The employee will first serve a probationary period with the company, during which each party can evaluate the working relationship.
  • The employee will comply with all laws, rules and regulations, and will not engage in activities which may harm the employer's interests, or try to obtain private profit by improperly using his position or authority.
  • The employer must provide a safe, healthy working environment.
  • Comprehensive remuneration provisions covering overtime, sick pay, and benefits.
  • This Chinese legal form is available in English language version only. A Chinese translation may also be required for it to be legally enforceable.
The China Management Employment Contract is provided in MS Word format and can be edited to fit your unique circumstances.
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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016