Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Thinking of starting your own cleaning business? It’s a great opportunity for anyone who is hard working and responsible, and you can start working from your own home with only a minimal investment for start-up expenses (such as business cards, Yellow Pages ads, advertising brochures, etc.) You can expand the business at your own pace and hire extra staff on an “as needed” basis.


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Choosing the Right Market
The cleaning industry has two primary client bases: residential (private homes) and commercial (businesses). If you are just starting out, you should concentrate on one market, and decide which services you will provide (maid services, janitorial, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.). By focusing on a single niche and building your business to service that niche, you can grow your business at a sustainable rate and expand into other parts of the market over time.

Hiring Employees
Due to the nature of the work, cleaning businesses generally employ unskilled laborers, or people who have recently emigrated from another country and may have trouble finding other work due to language barriers. It’s important to find people who are trustworthy and bondable, particularly if your client base is primarily residential homeowners. This can sometimes be difficult if language is an issue.

Be sure to run background checks on all job applicants, and check references thoroughly. Whenever possible, hire people that are known to you or are recommended by friends or colleagues.

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