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Put Your Expertise to Work - Earn Royalties as a MegaDox.com Content Provider!

Throughout your career, you have probably gathered potentially valuable information and created forms and documents that other people will pay for. The MegaDox.com Content Provider Program gives you the opportunity to sell those forms to our site visitors and make money on every sale!

How Does It Work?

If you would like to take part in our Content Provider Program and earn royalties on the sale of your documents, download our Document Distribution Agreement, fill it out, sign it and scan it back to us via email at info@megadox.com.

Then send us your documents by email or on USB. MegaDox.com will pay you a royalty on all revenues generated by the sale of your documents at the rate set out in Schedule "A" to the Agreement. Royalties are paid at the end of each calendar quarter for any balance exceeding $100.00. We will notify you if any document you have provided is not accepted for any reason.

Changes to the Program

MegaDox.com reserves the right to amend the Document Distribution Agreement or the schedules thereto at any time. Notice of any such amendments will be posted on our website. If a content provider continues to participate in the Program following the posting of any such amendments, this will be deemed to be an acceptance by the content provider of such amendments.

Recent Changes

The pay-out threshold has been changed to $100.00 as of February 1, 2011.
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