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Give written notice that you are canceling an agreement you have with another party with this free Notice of Cancellation of Agreement form.

  • The Notice should be served on all other parties to the Agreement.
  • You should clearly state the reason(s) for cancellation and make reference to the applicable section of the Agreement.
  • Typically an agreement can only be terminated for breach of contract or some other material reason.
  • This is a generic legal form which is not specific to any state, province or country.

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TO: _________________________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________________

TAKE NOTICE that I, the undersigned, have elected to cancel and terminate, as from ________________________, the agreement respecting _________________________, made with you on the ______ day of ________, 20_____, which cancellation is in accordance with the terms and provisions of the agreement, on the grounds that: (give reasons for cancellation)

DATED this ______ day of ________, 20_____.


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