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Northern Ireland Secure Tenancy Agreement - $29.99

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Prepare a Secure Tenancy Agreement between a tenant and a registered housing association in Northern Ireland with this comprehensive template.

  • The association is responsible for maintaining and repairing the exterior of premises, as well as the common parts.
  • The association is responsible for maintaining plumbing, electrical, heating, water heaters and lighting.
  • The tenant is responsible for maintaining the interior of the rental premises, appliances and fixtures.
  • The tenant is responsible for the care and upkeep of the gardens, hedges, paths.
  • The tenant must not cause a nuisance or disturb other occupants, and is liable for any damages caused by the tenant, his/her guests or invitees.
  • Includes a list of the tenant's rights pursuant to Housing (NI) Order 1983.
  • Includes a summary of grounds on which a tenant can be evicted.

The Secure Tenancy Agreement template is only for use in Northern Ireland. Add it to your shopping cart, check out, then download the form. It's easy to customise for your unique needs.

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