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Parking Lot Lease Agreement - $12.49

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Rent all or part of a parking lot to a business tenant for the use of its customers with this Parking Lot Lease Agreement.

  • Renewal. The lessee has the option to renew the lease after the initial term.
  • Repairs and Maintenance. The lessee must pay its proportionate share of parking lot maintenance and repair costs, including landscaping, sidewalks, asphalt, etc.
  • Snow Removal. The lessee is responsible for snow and ice removal from its portion of the parking lot.
  • Indemnification. The lessee indemnifies the lessor against any loss, damage or liability arising from any default, or tortious or negligent act on the part of the lessee.

Parking is essential for your tenant's business. Get this Parking Lot Lease Agreement template now.

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