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Ontario Rooming Agreement to Rent Single Room - $29.99

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ON landlords, rent a room in your home to a boarder with this Ontario Rooming Agreement to Rent Single Room.

  • The rental can be either for a fixed term (such as a school semester), or month to month.
  • Rules governing the use and maintenance of the common areas of the home (kitchen, living room, family room, laundry, etc).
  • The boarder is responsible for paying a portion of the monthly utilities.
  • Restrictions on use of the house phone.
  • A late fee will be charged if the rent is not paid on time.
  • The boarder is responsible for keeping the room in order and paying for any damages.
  • The landlord has the right to enter the room in certain circumstances.
  • Provisions for termination of the agreement by either party.
This Ontario Rooming Agreement to Rent Single Room is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your circumstances.

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