Letters of Intent

Instantly download Letter of Intent Forms for almost any kind of business proposition. These templates are fully editable and easily customized to fit your circumstances.

There are certain advantages to having a letter of intent in place while negotiating a transaction:

  • You can place restrictions on accepting proposals from other parties for a specified period of time under a "no shop" clause.
  • Confidentiality provisions protect the proprietary, secret and confidential information exchanged during negotiations.
  • It indicates to lenders and suppliers each party's intent to proceed with the arrangement, which can then allow financing and work to proceed even though the final agreement has not been signed.
  • You can set a drop dead date, by which the parties agree to terminate discussions if they have not reached an agreement, and after which date the parties will have no further obligations under the LOI except for any provisions which survive the termination (such as confidentiality).
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Australia Letter of Intent Template

Do you know to write a Letter of Intent? Don't worry - if not, just download this easy-to-use template for Australia.

  • This standardised digital form can be used for many kinds of transactions just by filling in the appropriate details.
  • The purpose of a letter of intent (LOI) is to ensure that all parties have the same understanding of the agreed terms of the deal before a formal agreement is written up. It also signifies the parties' commitment to finalise the arrange.....

Canada Letter of Intent Template

Need a letter of intent but don't know how to create one? Use this easy Letter of Intent template for Canada.

  • A letter of intent clarifies the points of discussion between the parties prior to preparing a formal agreement, and indicates to lenders, customers, contractors and suppliers that the parties intend to complete the transaction.
  • The LOI is not legally binding for the most part, except for certain provisions such as confidentiality.
  • Both parties agree.....

Irrevocable Letter of Intent to Purchase Commodities

Before you order a commodities shipment for a customer, have them sign this Irrevocable Letter of Intent and Purchase Order.

  • The Letter of Intent confirms the customer's intention to buy certain commodities from the supplier.
  • The order is irrevocable, in other words, it cannot be revoked (cancelled) by the customer.
  • The Purchase Order portion of the form includes a schedule of products, specifications, delivery terms, target prices and payment methods.
  • <.....

Letter of Intent for Exclusive Distributor

When negotiating a contract with a distributor to sell your products, it's a good idea to put the negotiating points down in writing in this Letter of Intent.

  • The parties intend the distributor to have exclusive rights to distribute the products within a given territory, and a right of first refusal on additional territories.
  • The distributor will be an independent contractor, and not an employee or agent of the supplier.
  • The supplier will provide products o.....

Letter of Intent for Exclusive Supply and Development

Work out the terms of an exclusive supply and development agreement with this Letter of Intent template.

  • Parties. The parties to the proposed agreement are (ii) a supplier with a product which has potential commercial application and (ii) a developer which will develop, test, produce and distribute the product.
  • Obligations. The obligations of each party are set out with respect to costs and development of a working prototype.
  • Patents. Th.....

Letter of Intent for Manufacturing Joint Venture

Negotiate the terms to set up a joint venture for a manufacturing facility in this Letter of Intent template.

  • Parties. The parties in the joint venture are (i) the developer of certain products and technology, and (ii) a manufacturer with an existing plant which will be redeveloped and retrofitted to produce the products in exchange for a royalty on each sale.
  • Management. The joint venturers plan to organize a limited liability company (LLC) to oversee a.....

Letter of Intent for Research and Development

Write a Letter of Intent for research funding, development and commercialization of products with this easy-to-use template.

  • The Letter of Intent is a good faith negotiation tool to finalize an R&D agreement between a research institution and a company seeking to fund a particular field of research.
  • Each party agrees to keep all of the other party's information confidential.
  • The company will fund the research in exchange for the opportunity to develop and p.....

Letter of Intent for Software Development Partnership

Negotiate a formal agreement to set up a strategic partnership to develop new software titles with this Letter of Intent template.

  • Key discussion points between the parties include ownership of the final software products; confidentiality; each partner's responsibilities with respect to developing, marketing and advertising of the products; and revenue splitting.
  • The letter of intent is not intended to be legally binding upon the parties except to the extent of the d.....

Letter of Intent to Donate Conservation Easement to Land Trust

Set out the status of negotiations for the donation of a conservation easement to a land trust with this Letter of Intent template.

  • The parties will negotiate the terms of a Conservation Easement Donation Agreement based on the discussions outlined in the LOI.
  • The donor is the registered owner of the land, and will donate the easement unconditionally to the trust.
  • The trust will use its best efforts to conserve and maintain the lands covered by the easemen.....

Letter of Intent to Donate Land with Fee Simple Interest

Do you plan to donate land to a Land Trust? Put your intentions in writing with this customizable Letter of Intent template.

  • Fee simple title to the land will be donated pursuant to the terms of a land donation agreement to be negotiated between you as the donor and the land trust as recipient.
  • The donor is the registered owner with a fee simple interest in the land, and will donate the land unconditionally to the trust.
  • The trust will use its best effor.....