Arizona Rental Agreement for Residential Premises


Do you have a house, apartment or duplex you want to rent out? Rent it to a tenant by the month or the week with this Arizona Rental Agreement for Residential Premises.

  • The Agreement establishes what is called a "periodic tenancy" because it runs from rental period to rental period (month to month or week to week).
  • The tenant must pay late fees if the rent is not paid on time, and a charge for any returned checks.
  • The tenant is responsible for yard maintenance.
  • Procedure that the landlord must follow for returning the tenant's security deposit at the end of the tenancy.
  • Provisions for termination by either party, in accordance with landlord-tenant laws.
  • The file also contains a Lead Paint Disclosure form, as required by federal law.
  • Also included is a Premises Condition Report to be jointly filled in by the landlord and the tenant at the beginning and the end of the tenancy.

Always use a standard form rental contract like this one when renting property. It protects both you and your tenants. Download the Arizona Rental Agreement, fill in the details, and print.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016