Buy, sell and transfer residential and commercial real estate properties in Australia with these easy-to-use template Real Estate Forms.

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Australia Option Agreement to Buy Real Estate

Grant a tenant or other potential purchaser an option to buy a property in Australia with this Option Agreement to Buy Real Estate.

  • The prospective buyer is granted an exclusive option to purchase the property, so long as the option is exercised prior to a specified termination date.
  • If the purchase option is exercised, the buyer must pay an option fee, which will be applied to the purchase price of the real estate property.
  • The document includes a Sal.....

Australia Real Estate Purchase Agreement for Community Development Lots

Australia land developers, sell residential lots in a new development with this Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement for Community Development Lots.
  • The purchaser's deposit may be invested by the deposit holder with a bank, building society or credit union. The party entitled to the income from the deposit is solely responsible for all tax liabilities and all costs associated with the deposit.
  • If the purchaser fails to complete the transaction, the deposit will be .....

Australia Sale of House and Land Agreement

Sell a real estate property in Australia with this Sale of House and Land Agreement.

The Sale Agreement contains information about the parties and the transaction, including:
  • financing details;
  • the transaction is conditional on purchaser obtaining a satisfactory property inspection;
  • procedure for settlement;
  • adjustments to the purchase price;
  • warrants of the purchaser and seller;
  • conditions for terminating the agreement;<.....

Queensland PAMD Form 30c Contract Warning

Download this free Contract Warning Statement for Queensland, pursuant to the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (Form 30c).

  • This warning must be attached to the front of a contract for sale of a residential property whether vacant land or land and an already existing residence.
  • The document is for the benefit of a potential buyer of residential property and suggests matters the purchaser should investigate prior to purchase.
Queensland PAMD Form.....