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Use this Software Sublicence form to sublicense software products to resellers in Australia so they can sell the products to end users.

  • Scope of Licence. The distributor grants a royalty-free, nonexclusive non-transferable sublicence to the reseller to allow the reseller to install and use the applications on designated computer equipment and backup machines.
  • No Copies. Copying of the software is not allowed. Additional sublicences must be obtained for additional copies.
  • Licence is Not a Sale. The reseller is not purchasing the software and no ownership interest is being transferred under the licence.
  • Warranty. The distributor warrants that the software is owned by the developer of the program and that it does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • Indemnification. The distributor indemnifies the reseller against any third party copyright claims.
  • Undertaking. The agreement includes an undertaking by the owner (developer) of the software to grant a license to the reseller if the sublicence is terminated for any reason.
  • Governing Law. The Agreement is governed by Australian laws.
  • How to Get the Form. You can download the Software Sublicence form immediately after purchasing it. Available as a MS Word document which is easy to edit, customise and use as often as necessary.
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Last Updated: 25-Jun-2018