Rent, lease, and manage residential and commercial rental properties in California with these easy-to-use template forms for landlords and property managers.

Property managers in California must be licensed real estate brokers. Anyone who is hired to rent or lease or make offers to rent or lease properties, solicits listings or tenants, is involved in lease negotiations, or collects rents on behalf of owners must have a broker's license, or must work under the direct supervision of a licensed broker.

Rental property managers must be well versed in California landlord-tenant laws, contract negotiation, business administration, accounting, advertising, insurance, and repairs and maintenance, among other things.
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California 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit Given by Manager

Is there a tenant in one of the properties you manage who is behind in the rent? Serve the tenant with this 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit Given by Manager.

  • This form is for the State of California.
  • The Notice informs the tenant that he/she must pay the outstanding rent within 3 days of receipt of notice or vacate the premises.
  • Only rental property managers should use this form.

The California 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit Given by Manager is a dig.....


California Rental Application Form

Take applications from prospective tenants for a vacancy in a rental building with this California Rental Application Form for Residential Tenancy.

Applicants must supply information about:
  • their employment history,
  • the amount of their current monthly expenses,
  • names and addresses of previous and current landlords,
  • personal and credit references.
This California Rental Application Form for Residential Tenancy can be use.....

California Rental Property Management Agreement

Draw up a contract to manage a residential premises with this California Rental Property Management Agreement.

  • The manager is retained on an exclusive basis to rent, lease and manage the rental property.
  • The manager will be paid a percentage of the monthly rental amount for the property. If the manager undertakes additional work outside the scope of its duties, additional fees will be payable.
  • The owner authorizes the manager to collect rents, sign leas.....

California Rental Property Viewing Agreement

Give potential tenants a chance to view a rental unit with this California Rental Property Viewing Agreement.

  • The prospective tenants must sign the Agreement before you provide them with a key to view the property.
  • They must also provide a personal item (such as a credit card) and a specified cash deposit for the key, which will be returned to them when they return the key.
  • This reusable rental template can be used by landlords or rental property managers.

California Resident Manager Agreement

Hire a tenant to act as resident manager of your rental building with this California Resident Manager Agreement.

  • Under California Code of Regulations Title 25, Article 5, Section 42, any building with 16 or more units is required to have a resident manager.
  • The resident manager will be paid a salary, a portion of which will be paid by reduced rent on a rental unit to be occupied by the manager as a condition of employment.
  • The resident manager's duties can .....

California Security Deposit Statement

CA landlords, prepare a statement of security deposit amounts for a tenant at the end of the tenancy with this California Security Deposit Refund and Claim Statement.

  • The Statement sets out the amount of the original security deposit and any additional deposits, less any deductions being made for unpaid rent or utilities, cleaning charges, repair charges, etc.
  • The final calculation shows whether a refund is being paid to the tenant or if any additional amount is still.....