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    Computer & Electronics Recycling Agreement (Business)


    If you're in the computer and electronics recycling business, you could be vulnerable to damage claims from customers over lost or improperly destroyed data. You need this Recycling Agreement with indemnity provisions.

    • This is a downloadable contract form for business and corporate customers.
    • The agreement can be used for an ongoing annual contract. Pickups will be scheduled on an as-needed basis by the customer.
    • The recycler will erase all data and remove any identifying marks from computers and storage devices.
    • Certificates of recycling and data destruction will be issued on request.
    • The customer is responsible for packing and palletizing all items to be recycled. Title to the devices passes to the recycler upon pickup.
    • The customer is responsible for backing up all data and files. The recycler is not liable for any lost data, and the customer indemnifies the recycler against any costs or damages.

    This Computer & Electronics Recycling Agreement (Business) is a generic legal form that does not contain any references to the laws of any country. Downloadable and fully customizable for your unique needs.

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