Farm Land Leases

Lease farm land to a tenant, grant third parties access over your land, and manage the use of your land with these Farm Land Leases and Contracts.

The family farm is dying out. More and more farms are being leased and run by tenant operators. There are many different types of farm leases, but the most common forms of leases are cash rent, crop share and custom farming contracts.

A cash rent lease can be either fixed or flexible. Under a crop share lease, the farm owner receives a share of the crop instead of a cash rent payment. In a custom farming arrangement, the land owner receives the crop and pays the operator a fixed amount for performing all the services and providing the labor and equipment required.

Farm land can also be leased for operations other than traditional agricultural purposes, such as wind farms, sports fields, campgrounds, and recreational use.

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Alberta Cash Farm Lease Agreement

Lease farm land in Alberta to a tenant with this template Alberta Cash Farm Lease Agreement.

  • This Lease allows the tenant to pay the annual cash rent in several payments.
  • The tenant will use the land solely for agricultural purposes and will farm the land in accordance with normal farming practices.
  • The tenant is responsible for control of weeds and soil erosion.
  • The tenant shall not make major improvements without the landlord's consent.
  • $29.99

Alberta Farm Land Services Agreement

Hire a farming services company to farm land marked for development with this Alberta Farm Land Services Agreement.

  • The farming services company (Farmco) will provide site preparation services and farm the land, in order to ensure that the lands are assessed as farm land for the interim period prior to the land being developed and subdivided.
  • Farmco will keep the land as free as possible of weeds and pests, and harvest a hay crop each year.
  • The land devel.....

Alberta Farm Lease Agreement and Option to Purchase

AB land owners, rent out your farm land to a tenant and give them an option to buy the land with this Alberta Farm Lease Agreement and Option to Purchase template.

  • The tenant must exercise its option to purchase within a specified option period, failing which the option expires.
  • The landlord must give the tenant first right of refusal to purchase the land, prior to offering it for sale to a third party.
  • The tenant must carry adequate liability insurance at a.....

Alberta Reciprocal Grant of Access Easement

Does your property share a roadway with your neighbour's land? Write up a Reciprocal Grant of Access Easement with this downloadable template for Alberta land owners.

  • The owners of each of the adjoining properties grants the other owner access over their respective land by way of a common approach and roadway that runs through both properties.
  • The land owners agree to allow access across the land to third parties, such as utility providers.
  • The land owners .....

Canada Methods of Calculating Cash Rent for Farm Leases

Canadian land owners, do you have crop land to lease? Download this handy free guide outlining Three Methods of Calculating Cash Rent for Farm Leases.

The guide explains:
  • the Cost Approach (based on the landlord's estimated costs),
  • the Crop Share Equivalent Approach,
  • the Income Approach,
  • includes sample worksheets for each method.
This Canada Guide to Methods of Calculating Cash Rent for Farm Leases is a downloadable M.....

Canada Pasture Lease

Canadian farm owners, rent out pasture land to a tenant with this Canada Pasture Lease template.

  • The term of the lease can be either for a fixed number of years with an option to renew, or a continuing term which reverts to a yearly lease after the initial term expires.
  • The lease contains two options to determine how yearly rent will be calculated - either based on the number of acres of pasture land, or on the number of livestock grazing the land.
  • The tenan.....

Canada Road Use Access Agreement

Grant an oil company or other party the right to cross your land with this Access Agreement for Roadway Use for Canadian land owners.

  • This type of Agreement is often used by oil and gas companies to obtain vehicular access to their wells over roads located on farm land which is not owned by the oil company.
  • The party being granted access (the Grantee) agrees to comply with all load limits and other restrictions, and to repair any damage to the road caused by its vehi.....

Colorado Cash Rent Farm Lease

CO landowners, lease your farm land to a tenant on a cash basis with this Colorado Cash Rent Farm Lease.

  • The tenant agrees to pay the landlord a fixed amount of annual rent, which can be paid in installments.
  • The tenant will provide all unskilled labor to run the farm, and the landlord will provide all skilled labor required for maintenance and repairs.
  • The tenant is responsible for weed control and soil erosion control on the land.
  • The landlord wi.....

Colorado Crop Share Farm Lease

Lease Colorado farm land to a tenant on a sharecropping basis with this Colorado Crop Share Farm Lease.

  • The tenant agrees to pay the landlord a share of the crops grown on the leased lands as rent.
  • In addition to the crop shares, the tenant will pay a stated amount per acre for land that is used for pasture, hay and silage.
  • The tenant agrees to store the landlord's share of the crops, provided that it does not exceed a certain percentage of the storage avail.....

Illinois Cash Farm Lease

Illinois land owners, lease your farm land to a tenant who will work it for you with this Illinois Cash Farm Lease.

  • This Lease contains two options for calculating annual rent - either fixed rent (a base rent per acre x number of acres leased), or flexible rent (based on crop yield per acre and base price per bu or ton).
  • The landlord will provide all buildings, structures, fences and improvements on the land, as well as all materials required for repairs and maintenan.....