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    Human Resources Development Guide


    Develop an effective process for finding and keeping good people and helping employees fulfill their potential with this 14-page Human Resources Development Guide.

    The manual includes sections on:

    • interviewing job applicants:
      • conducting the initial interview,
      • proceeding to the second interview,
      • hiring the successful candidate;
    • how to establish an effective orientation process to help new employees familiarize themselves with the office environment and company policies;
    • how to develop a system of employee coaching;
    • why regular employee training should be included as a vital part of the employee's and the company's development;
    • the ongoing employee appraisal and review process;
    • the importance of peer reviews;
    • team meetings - a 7-step communication model;
    • what to do when things go sideways
      • between team members,
      • with clients,
      • with resources,
      • with lapses in the employee's personal or professional standards .

    This Human Resources Development Guide is available as a PDF. Buy and download yours today.

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    Last Updated: 29-September-2017
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