Do you own a rental property in Michigan? These affordable Residential Lease Form templates make it easy to show, rent and lease the premises to tenants. Save time with standardized forms, and save money on costly legal fees.

As a landlord, you are required by the Michigan Truth in Renting Act to ensure that any written lease or tenancy agreement you use does not contain provisions that violate the Act. If a provision is found to be in violation, that provision will be deemed to be void, and you must change it to conform with the Act within 20 days after being notified in writing of the violation.

Michigan leases must also contain a termination provision that allows seniors and persons who are unable to live independently to terminate the lease with 60 days' written notice if a doctor certifies that they are not capable of independent living, or if they become eligible to move into subsidized seniors housing.
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Michigan Agreement to Terminate Lease Early

Terminate a tenant's lease before it expires by mutual consent with this downloadable Michigan Agreement for Early Termination of Lease form.

  • This form is not for evictions. It can only be used when both the landlord and tenant agree to terminate the lease early.
  • This Agreement is for residential tenants only. For commercial properties, you need to use this form.
  • The tenant must still give the landlor.....

Michigan Apartment Lease Agreement

Rent your Michigan apartment to a tenant with this Michigan Apartment Lease Agreement.

  • The agreement is for a fixed term tenancy (such as 6 months, 1 year, etc.), and can be used for both furnished and unfurnished apartments.
  • The lease contains the standard notices and clauses required by Michigan law, such as the Truth in Renting Act clause.
  • The template also includes a Lead Paint Disclosure, as required by federal law.
  • You also get a Pr.....

Michigan Assignment of Lease by Landlord

Michigan landlords, assign your tenant's lease to a new owner of the property with this easy-to-use Assignment of Lease by Landlord form.

  • The Assignment is between the current landlord, the purchaser of the property (new landlord) and the tenant, and is part of the documentation required to sell the premises to the new owner.
  • The current landlord assigns the lease to the new landlord, and the tenant covenants to pay rent to the new owner and continue to perform the te.....

Michigan Campus Housing Lease

Lease an on-campus house or apartment to a student tenant for the school year with this easy Michigan Campus Housing Lease Agreement.

  • Parties to Agreement. The Lease Agreement will be signed by the student, an adult guarantor (required if the student is a minor), and the landlord ⁄ owner of the rental property.
  • Holding Deposit. The tenant will pay a holding deposit to have the landlord hold the unit.
  • Late Rent Payments. The landlord ha.....

Michigan Fixed Term Lease Agreement

Rent a house or duplex to a tenant with this Michigan Fixed Term Residential Lease Agreement.

  • This lease is for a specified period of time, such as 1 year, 3 years, etc. It should not be used for a periodic tenancy (eg, month to month). For a periodic tenancy, download this rental agreement for monthly or weekly tenancies.
  • The template contains the provisions required under Michigan law, such as the Truth in Ren.....

Michigan Lease Co-Signer Agreement

MI landlords, if you are signing a lease with a tenant who is a minor (such as a student), make sure a parent or guardian of the tenant executes this Michigan Lease Co-signer Agreement.

The co-signer agrees to:
  • allow the landlord to run a credit check on the co-signer,
  • guarantee that the tenant complies with the rental agreement,
  • guarantee the payment of rent.
This Michigan Lease Co-signer Agreement is provided in MS Word for.....

Michigan Permission to Sublet or Assign Lease

Get your landlord's consent to assign your lease or sublet your rental unit for the rest of the lease term with this Michigan Permission Agreement to Sublet or Assign Lease.

  • The new tenant must meet the landlord's requirements, and the landlord must give its written approval of the new tenant.
  • The form contains clauses for either an assignment of the lease or a sublease of the premises.
  • The landlord has the option to hold the existing tenant responsible.....

Michigan Rental Agreement (Monthly or Weekly)

Do you have a house or apartment that you want to rent to a tenant? Use this standard form Michigan Rental Agreement for a monthly or weekly tenancy.

  • The Agreement establishes what is called a "periodic tenancy" because it runs from rental period to rental period (month-to-month or week-to-week).
  • This template complies with the Michigan Truth-in-Renting Act and the landlord-tenant law.
  • The form includes a Lead Paint Disclosure form, as required by fe.....

Michigan Residential Lease Extension

MI landlords, extend the term of a tenant's lease with this Michigan Residential Lease Extension Agreement.

  • The landlord and tenant must both agree to extend the lease term for an additional period.
  • The lease cost now becomes a monthly rental payment for the duration of the extended term.
  • All other provisions of the original lease which are not amended in the Extension Agreement remain the same.
  • This Agreement is for residential leases only. For co.....

Michigan Residential Sublease Agreement

MI tenants, sublease the property you are renting to a subtenant with this Michigan Residential Sublease Agreement.

  • Consent. The sublease requires the consent of the landlord.
  • Costs Borne by Subtenant. The subtenant must pay the rent, the utilities and a damage deposit.
  • Upkeep. The subtenant must keep the premises in clean and good condition.
  • Assignment. The subtenant cannot assign the sublease without the consent of bo.....