New Hampshire

These Residential Lease Form templates are the easy solution for New Hampshire landlords to write standardized lease agreements and rental contracts for their tenants. Downloadable, customizable, and affordable.

Q: How much can I charge my tenants for a security deposit?
A: In New Hampshire, landlords who own more than 6 units can charge a security deposit equal to one month's rent or $100, whichever is greater. The funds must be kept in a separate escrow account. The landlord must issue a receipt for the deposit, indicating where the funds have been deposited.

Q: Do I have to pay interest on the deposit funds?
If you have held the deposit for more than 12 months, you must pay at least the amount of interest that you actually earned on the money.

Q: How long do I have after the tenant moves out to refund the deposit?
A: You must return the deposit within 30 days after the tenant vacates the premises. If you are deducting any amount from the deposit, you must also provide a written statement itemizing the deductions. The tenant must advise you of their new mailing address within 30 days after moving out.
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New Hampshire Agreement to Terminate Lease Early

Cancel a tenant's lease before the expiry of the term with this New Hampshire Agreement for Early Termination of Lease form.

  • This form is not for evictions. It can only be used when both the landlord and tenant agree to terminate the lease early.
  • This Agreement is for residential tenants only. You must use a different form for commercial rental properties.
  • The tenant must still give the landlord writt.....

New Hampshire Fixed Term Residential Lease Agreement

Lease a house or apartment in New Hampshire to a tenant with this Fixed Term Residential Lease Agreement.

The lease runs for a fixed term, such as 1 year. The Lease Agreement contains standard conditions covering residential rentals such as:
  • when and how the rent payments are to be made;
  • security deposit and late charges;
  • responsibilities of each of the parties for maintenance and repairs;
  • abandonment of the property by the tenant;
  • .....

New Hampshire Lease Co-Signer Agreement

NH landlords, if you are signing a lease with a tenant who is a minor (such as a student), make sure a parent or guardian of the tenant executes this New Hampshire Lease Co-signer Agreement.

The co-signer agrees to:
  • allow the landlord to run a credit check on the co-signer,
  • guarantee that the tenant complies with the rental agreement,
  • guarantee the payment of rent.
This New Hampshire Lease Co-signer Agreement is provided in M.....

New Hampshire Permission Agreement to Sublet or Assign Lease

Get your landlord's consent to assign your lease or sublet your rental unit for the rest of the lease term with this New Hampshire Permission Agreement to Sublet or Assign Lease.

  • The new tenant must meet the landlord's requirements, and the landlord must give its written approval of the new tenant.
  • The form contains clauses for either an assignment of the lease or a sublease of the premises.
  • The landlord has the option to hold the existing tenant respon.....

New Hampshire Rental Agreement for Residential Premises

Rent a house or apartment in New Hampshire to a tenant with this Rental Agreement for Residential Premises, for a monthly or weekly tenancy.
  • The Agreement establishes what is called a "periodic tenancy" because it runs from rental period to rental period (month to month or week to week).
  • The tenant must pay late fees if the rent is not paid on time, and a charge for any returned checks.
  • The tenant is responsible for yard maintenance.
  • Procedure t.....

New Hampshire Residential Lease Extension

Extend the term of a tenant's lease with this New Hampshire Residential Lease Extension Agreement.

  • The landlord and tenant must both agree to extend the lease term for an additional period.
  • The lease cost now becomes a monthly rental payment for the duration of the extended term.
  • All other provisions of the original lease which are not amended in the Extension Agreement remain the same.
  • This Agreement is only for residential tenancies. For commerci.....

New Hampshire Residential Sublease Agreement

NH tenants, sublease the property you are renting with this New Hampshire Sublease Agreement for residential rental units.

  • The sublease requires the consent of the landlord.
  • The subtenant must pay the rent, the utilities and a damage deposit.
  • The subtenant must keep the premises in clean and good condition.
  • The subtenant cannot assign the sublease without the consent of both the landlord and the original tenant.
  • The sublease includes a <.....

New Hampshire Tenant Agreement for Alterations to Rental Unit

New Hampshire tenants, get your landlord's consent to do alterations to your rental unit with this Agreement for Tenant Alterations.

  • The tenant must use only the materials and procedures agreed to by the landlord.
  • The tenant waives all claims against the landlord for injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of the work.
  • The agreement contains alternate provisions as to ownership of the alterations at the end of the tenancy, depending on whether the altera.....