New Mexico

Do you own a rental property? Write your leases quickly and easily with these affordable New Mexico Residential Lease Forms. Fixed term lease contracts and tenancy at will agreements available.

The obligations of landlords and tenants are governed by the New Mexico Owner-Resident Relations Act, local housing regulations, and the provisions of the lease or rental contract. But the provisions of the lease (and any rules and regulations drawn up by the landlord) must be fair and reasonable in order to be enforceable. The landlord is required by law to draw up a written contract setting out the terms of the rental.

Under New Mexico law, the landlord is responsible for providing proper containers for trash, garbage and other waste, and for arranging for its removal. The landlord must also take steps to prevent insect and rodent infestations, and to arrange and pay for extermination of any infestations that occur, unless the tenant caused the infestation.
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