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    Photo Studio Rental Release and Waiver Form


    Do you rent your photography equipment and studio space to customers or other photographers? Then you need this Photo Studio Rental Release and Waiver form.

    • Getting a signed release and waiver can protect you from liability if a renter files a lawsuit against you for injury, loss or damage.
    • The form should be signed prior to the start of the rental, and each party should retain a signed copy.
    • The renter releases the photography studio and its employees from any and all liability.
    • The renter assumes all responsibility with respect to the rental and use of the premises and equipment, and waives any claims s/he may have with respect to injury, damage or loss resulting from the rental of the studio.
    • This is a generic legal form which can be used anywhere and can be customized for your unique business.

    Don't risk being sued because someone injured themselves using your studio or equipment. Get the Photo Studio Rental Release and Waiver Form.

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    Last Updated: 14-June-2022
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