Forms for renting or leasing houses, apartments, and duplexes to a tenant in the Province of Quebec. Lease forms must be obtained from the Regie du logement offices.

The Régie du logement oversees all residential leases and tenancies, including boarding and rooming house rentals and mobile home and lot leases, under The Civil Code of Quebec and various provincial regulations. The legislation does not cover hotel or motel rentals, vacation resorts, health or social services institutions, and certain other types of residential premises.

For termination notices, go to Quebec Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms.

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Quebec Assignment of Lease Agreement

Quebec tenants, assign your lease to another tenant with this Assignment of Lease Agreement.

  • The original tenant (assignor) affirms that the landlord has not given notice not to renew the lease and that there are no modifications to the lease.
  • The new tenant (assignee) agrees to take the premises in its current state.
  • The landlord must give consent to the assignment before it can take effect.
This Quebec Assignment of Lease Agreement is avail.....

Quebec Offer to Sell Leased Premises

QC landlords, are you planning to sell a residential property that is currently leased to a tenant? You must notify the tenant with this Offer to Sell Leased Premises form, pursuant to the Regié du Logement regulations.

  • The Offer to Sell notifies the tenant that the owner plans to sell the rental property which the tenant occupies and has received an offer.
  • The landlord offers the tenant the right to purchase the property under the same terms and conditions of the of.....