South Dakota

Prepare notices to serve on your tenant or your landlord with these downloadable template Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms for South Dakota.

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South Dakota Notice of Sale of Rental Premises

South Dakota landlords, if you've sold a rental property you must give notice to your tenants that the property has been sold with this Notice to Tenant of Sale of Rental Premises.

  • The form instructs the tenant to pay rent to the new owner.
  • The Notice also includes a Record of Service form.
  • This is a reusable landlord-tenant notice. Buy it, download it, use it as often as you require.
The South Dakota Notice to Tenant of Sale of Ren.....

South Dakota Notice to Quit

South Dakota landlords, are you evicting a tenant? You must first serve the tenant with this Notice to Quit, in accordance with State laws.
  • The Notice informs the tenant that he/she must vacate the premises by the date specified, for reasons that are set out in the Notice.
  • If the tenant fails to move out by the specified date, the landlord will commence legal action to evict.
  • A Service of Notice form is included to record the details of how the Notic.....