Arizona rental property managers can get immediate access to these ready-to-use template Property Management Forms for residential and commercial premises.

Anyone providing property management services in Arizona must have a broker's license. Property management services include leasing or renting properties, negotiating leases, or collecting rent on behalf of a landlord.

Rental property managers must be knowledgeable about a number of related topics, including real estate law, finance, office management, appraisals, fair housing, and contracts.
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Arizona Disposition of Deposits Statement

Arizona landlords, when your tenant has vacated the rental property, provide him/her with this Landlord Statement of the Disposition of Deposits, detailing the deposits which were paid by the tenant under the lease ⁄ rental agreement.

This statement must be provided to the tenant after the tenancy has ended and the premises has been vacated. The statement sets out the details of both refundable and nonrefundable deposits, as well as any deductions made by the landlord.....

Arizona Rental Application Form

Take applications from prospective tenants for a vacancy in a rental building with this Arizona Rental Application Form for Residential Tenancy.

Tenants must supply information about:
  • current and previous employment,
  • monthly expenses,
  • rental history,
  • personal and credit references.
This Arizona Rental Application Form for Residential Tenancy can be used by landlords and rental property managers.

Arizona Rental Property Management Agreement

AZ property managers, prepare a contract for your services with this downloadable Arizona Rental Property Management Agreement.

  • The property manager is retained on an exclusive basis to rent, lease and manage the rental property.
  • The manager will be paid a percentage of the monthly rental amount for managing the property. If the manager undertakes additional work outside the scope of its duties, additional fees will be payable.
  • The owner authorizes the .....

Arizona Resident Manager Agreement

AZ landlords, hire one of your tenants to act as resident manager of your rental building with this Arizona Resident Manager Agreement.

  • The tenant will act as resident manager of the rental building in exchange for free or reduced rent, plus a monthly management fee.
  • The resident manager will collect rent and other fees, and issue receipts for all payments made by tenants.
  • The resident manager will issue eviction and default notices as required.
  • Th.....