Rent out your vacation home in Australia when you are not using it with these ready-made Australia Holiday Rental Forms.

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Australia Tenants in Common Agreement for Investment Property

Before you co-purchase that holiday or investment property with friends or family members, draw up a Tenants in Common Agreement with this easy-to-use template for Australia.

The Agreement can be used for time shares, holiday homes, or revenue properties. Provisions of the Agreement include:
  • the proportion of the property owned by each co-owner;
  • the time period during which each co-owner will have exclusive use of the property;
  • responsibility of each co-.....

NSW Vacation Property Rental Agreement

Let your summer home, vacation cottage or recreational property in New South Wales with this Vacation Property Tenancy Agreement.

  • The Agreement includes a list of items to be supplied with the rental (appliances, dishes, linens, etc.)
  • The property owner can set restrictions on the use of the property, such as prohibiting smoking, limits on number of guests, pets, and the like.
  • The renter is solely responsible for personal property brought onto the premises. .....