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Download checklists, reference letters, forms and articles to help you apply for a position, research different careers, get along with your employer, and make extra money with a second job.

It's hard to imagine any employer that would hire a job candidate whose resume did not include at least a couple of references. The importance of a letter of reference cannot be overstated. It gives the interviewer a positive first impression of the interviewee, and demonstrates that the person is or was a valued employee in their last position.

A good letter of reference should outline the person's skills, qualifications and abilities, and should vouch for his/her character and integrity. It should not be overly long and whenever possible, it should be targeted for the type of position that the applicant is seeking.

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Application Letter for Legal Internship

Law students, apply for a legal internship at a law firm with this template Application Letter.

Fill in the sections of the letter with your relevant information regarding:

  • your education,
  • previous employment,
  • legal research, and
  • volunteer experience,

which have helped you develop solid skills that would benefit whichever firm interns you. The Application Letter for Legal Internship is a digital template t.....


Employment Agreement Checklist

You're applying for a job and your employer has a standard form employment agreement. This free checklist will tell you what to look for.

  • The checklist includes all those essential items that a prospective employee should insist to have included in the contract.
  • The checklist also includes optional or "wish list" items that a job applicant can try to negotiate for.

Anyone looking for a new job will benefit from readin.....


Job Acceptance Letters

Accept a position with a new employer in writing with a template Job Acceptance Letter. This package contains 5 different templates you can use.

  • The package also comes with guidelines on how to construct your personalized acceptance letter.
  • These are customizable MS Word documents which can be used as often as you like.
  • Download immediately after purchase.

A well-written job acceptance letter assures your ne.....


Letter of Reference (Departing Employee)

This letter template is an easy way to put together a letter of reference for a departing employee.

  • It's difficult to lose a good employee, but being the great employer you are, you want to provide them with a good reference to help them with their job search.
  • The letter template includes sections for the employee's strengths, efficiencies and best qualities.
  • You can personalize it and print it on your business letterhead.
  • This Letter of .....

Letter of Reference (Downsizing or Redundancy)

Losing employees due to downsizing (redundancy) is never easy, for workers or employers. Help out those persons who have lost their positions and provide them with a Letter of Reference.

  • The form letter gives you an opportunity to outline the employee's strengths, expertise and attributes for the benefit of prospective new employers.
  • The template is fully customizable, so you can include your personal observances and recommendations.
  • Easy to edit, print an.....

Letter of Reference (Friend or Colleague)

You can easily write a Letter of Reference for a friend or colleague using this free downloadable template.

  • You can add the person's strengths, efficiencies and personal qualities to the letter.
  • You can also recommend your friend for a specific position or appointment.
  • The letter template is easy to edit and personalize, so you can include everything that you think is relevant to the person's situation.
  • This is an MS Word document that you can us.....

Primer for Prospective Police Applicants

Download this free primer for prospective police applicants. Requirements differ somewhat from place to place, but generally these guidelines apply:

  • physical and educational requirements;
  • application and testing procedures;
  • background checks;
  • interviews and assessments.

If you are interested in a career in law enforcement, then you should download The Primer for Prospective Police Applicants.


Resume for Travel Agent

Are you applying for a position as a travel agent? Prepare your resume with this free template.

The Resume template contains sections for:
  • work experience and accomplishments,
  • education,
  • professional development,
  • memberships,
  • community involvement,
  • competencies and proficiencies,
  • references.
This Resume Template for Travel Agent is available as a fully customizable Microsoft Word form.

The Insider's Guide to Getting Along With Your Boss

Learn what you need to know about getting along with your boss in this free guide which discusses:

  • understanding your boss' human frailties,
  • being a better employee without becoming a 'yes' man, and
  • practicing good human relations.

The Insider's Guide to Getting Along with Your Boss is a free download.