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    0 Taking Your Business Online - Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

    Have you considered moving your business online, but are not really sure what that will entail? You're not alone. Businesses large and small have expanded their reach by adding an online presence to their brick-and-mortar environment.

    ecommerce shopping

    The internet offers a great opportunity for all small businesses, and along with that power comes unique challenges. Sure, every business owner faces issues daily, however, online entrepreneurs have some especially challenging queries which require specific, no-...

    0 How can customers buy from you if they can't find your website?

    There's only one way to get people to come to your website. YOU MUST BE VISIBLE IN THE SEARCH RESULTS PAGES (commonly called "SERPS"). The search engines must be able to crawl your site, and your content needs to be compelling enough to help your site rank well enough in the SERPs for Internet users to find you when they enter a relevant search term.

    0 Is your ugly website killing your small business?

    Having acted as a web consultant for small businesses, I have seen some pretty shockingly bad websites. You've seen them too - the sites that say "Welcome to 1995"? That assault your eyes and ears with Flash, canned music, and animated dancing GIFs? With a tiled photo background that makes it impossible to read half the text on the page? Would you do business with them? Neither would I.

    0 Is It Legal Advice or Isn't It? Staying on the Right Side of the Fine Line

    Our customer support team regularly fields questions from our customers about legal matters. While we do backgrounds as legal assistants, we're not lawyers and cannot practice law or give legal advice. But on an almost daily basis, customers ask us for answers or opinions which may or may not fall under the definition of legal advice. So what can we do? And how do we know whether it is or it isn't?

    0 How important is online reputation management to your business?

    No matter whether you have brick and mortar locations or whether you are strictly an online merchant, your business depends on its Internet profile to generate leads and sales. Product and site reviews and social media comments are critical to your success. With that in mind, you'll need to become acutely aware of what people are saying about you online. While you can't control what is said, you can take action to mitigate damages caused by bad reviews or comments, managing your reputation in the process.

    1 12 Tips to Writing a Website Development Agreement

    Many web developers prefer to create their own Website Development Agreements for clients. Do you know if your agreement template addresses all of the key issues it should? This article provides a checklist of the provisions that you should be including in your standard form agreement. At the very least, you need to include clauses covering:

    • who owns the website and content after completion,
    • protection of intellectual property rights for any software or resources used in building the site,
    • ...
    0 How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Online Business

    The domain name you choose for your website, like your corporate name and other business marks, is an important component in marketing your business. It identifies you to online visitors and customers, who will then associate it with the products and services you provide. It is therefore very important to choose carefully when deciding on a domain name. Here are some of the main points to keep in mind when choosing your domain.