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Sign up franchisees and regional managers with these fully editable and downloadable franchise agreements and forms. All documents are written by franchising specialists.

If you've got a business model that is successful, a fast way to grow the business is to franchise it. Franchising isn't for every business, or for every business owner, but if you've got the ambition, the energy and the willingness to see it through, you might be a good candidate to become a franchisor.

First, you really need to understand the reasons why your business has succeeded, and know your business inside and out. Write it all down, then review your notes with a franchise consultant to determine whether or not franchising is a good idea. It's important to determine the costs of franchising the system and to put together a viable growth plan, and the consultant can help you do that.

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Additional Services Supplement to Franchise Agreement

Franchisors, help your franchisees develop their franchise business and improve their chances of success by supplying them with additional services.

  • This Additional Services Supplement to Franchise Agreement template outlines the services that the Franchisor will provide to the Franchisee on an ongoing basis.
  • The Franchisor may at its option provide the Franchisee with various types of financing.
  • The Franchisor may provide the Franchisee with legal .....

Alberta Franchise Agreement for Photo Developer

Set up photo developing franchises in Alberta with this comprehensive Photo Developer Franchise Agreement template.

  • The franchisor is responsible for providing training and assisting the franchisee in establishing the photo developing business.
  • Each franchisee will set up a franchise within the development area.
  • Franchisees must contribute to the marketing fund and maintain a high level of quality in the business.
  • A principal of the franchis.....

Alberta Franchise Sublease Agreement

Alberta franchisors, sublet a commercial premises to one of your franchisees with this Franchise Sublease Agreement.

  • The parties to the Agreement are (i) the franchisor as the original tenant (sub-landlord), (ii) the franchisee as sub-tenant and (iii) an owner of the franchisee who acts as guarantor of the lease.
  • The sub-tenant indemnifies the sub-landlord against all claims and damages if the sub-tenant breaches the lease.
  • The sub-tenant is not entitled .....

Australia Franchisee Evaluation and Application Form

Gather the information you need to evaluate a potential franchisee with this Franchisee Confidential Evaluation Application form for Australian franchises.

The application form gathers information about the applicant, which allows the franchisor to conduct:
  • an evaluation of the skills and expertise of the potential franchisee, based on employment background and management history;
  • a verification of the applicant's financial resources by performing credit checks an.....

Australia Long Form Franchise Disclosure Document

Provide a long form franchise disclosure document to your franchisees and potential franchisees with this free Annexure 1, in accordance with the Australia Franchising Code of Conduct.

  • All franchisors operating in Australia, whether domestic or foreign, must comply with the requirements of the Code.
  • The long form disclosure applies to businesses with an actual or expected annual turnover of $50,000 or more at any time during the term of the franchise.
  • The di.....

Australia Short Form Franchise Disclosure Document

The Australia Franchising Code of Conduct requires franchisors in Australia with annual turnovers of less than $50,000 to provide their franchisees with this Annexure 2 Short Form Franchise Disclosure Document.

  • The short form disclosure is basically a shortened version of the Long Form Franchise Disclosure Document which is Annexure 1 to the Franchising Code of Conduct.
  • The short form is only for use by small bu.....

Canada Asset Purchase Agreement for Franchise

Sell the assets of a franchise business to a new franchisee with this Asset Purchase Agreement for Canadian franchises.

  • The purchaser will purchase the assets of the franchise business, including inventory, parts and any equity the vendor has in the leased equipment.
  • The purchaser will assume the responsibilities of a franchisee under the main Franchise Agreement with the franchisor.
  • The purchaser.....

Canada Direct Purchasing Program Vendor Agreement

Set up a direct purchasing program to purchase services and products for franchise affiliates with this Direct Purchasing Program Vendor Agreement for Canada.

  • The contract is between the service provider administering the program and each vendor or supplier that wants to take part in the program.
  • The Program will be available to a group of franchise affiliates and related non-affiliates.
  • Orders and sales of goods and services will be done directly between th.....

Canada Franchise Agreement

Write a Franchise Agreement for a franchise business in Canada using this comprehensive template.

  • This is a standard form legal agreement which includes a Guarantee, Indemnification and Acknowledgement form to be completed by the Franchisee.
  • The document contains clauses covering the initial term and renewal terms, initial franchise fee, and continuing fees to be paid by the franchisee.
  • The franchisor is responsible for providing the franchisee with t.....

Canada Franchise Agreement for Autobody Repair Service

Prepare a Franchise Agreement for an Autobody Repair Service with this comprehensive template for Canadian franchisors.

  • The franchise business offers automotive body repair services, such as dent removal, scratch repair, and other small repairs.
  • The franchisee is granted the right to use the franchisor's business marks and system in operating the autobody repair business.
  • The franchisor has the option to renew the term of the Agreement for up to 10 years.....