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    0 How Multi-Unit Buildings are Preparing for the Legalization of Pot

    Bill C-45 has passed the Senate. Once enacted, the Cannabis Act will make it legal to smoke pot in Canada, and to grow a limited quantity of personal marijuana (up to 4 plants) on your property.

    man smoking a joint

    And while pot growers, distributors and smokers are very happy about the legalization of marijuana, condo boards and landlords across the country are scrambling to deal with issues which will impact all residents in every multi-unit dwelling in Canada.

    Potential risks and grounds for complaints

    In m...

    0 How a rental property checklist can help you find the ideal rental home

    Are you looking for a home to rent or lease? Here is a checklist of important things to consider to help you find the rental premises that is ideal for your lifestyle and budget.

    0 Get That Damage Deposit Back! A Checklist Every Tenant Should Follow

    You've given notice to your landlord and now it's time for you to move. Are you worried about getting your damage deposit back? Provided that your landlord is a reputable sort, and provided you've been a good tenant and have kept the premises clean and in good repair, there should be no reason for the landlord to keep any of your deposit. But even the best of tenants can overlook something, so here is a list a number of things you can do before you move to ensure your deposit comes back to you with no deductions.

    0 Are There Laws That Protect Commercial Tenants?

    Most states, provinces and territories - and many municipalities - have laws and regulations in place which protect residential tenants from being unfairly treated by landlords. But what about commercial business tenants? What kind of protection do they have under the law?

    0 Renting to a tenant without pre-screening them is a recipe for disaster

    As a landlord, you put your property at risk when you list it on the rental market. You can reduce your risk and protect your investment by following a few simple rules.

    1 How to Choose the Right Premises for Your Business

    When looking for commercial office, retail or warehouse space for your business, there are a number of issues you need to consider. This checklist will help you determine the pros and cons of each space, and allow you to compare each property you view in terms of its relative strengths and weaknesses.

    0 What's the Difference Between a Gross Lease and a Net Lease?

    When negotiating that business lease, it's vital to know what type of lease your landlord is proposing, because that will determine what your final monthly costs are going to be. By the time you add in the various expenses - maintenance, taxes, common area costs, gas and utilities, etc - you may find that the cost of leasing the space is much too high.

    0 Is a tenancy at will a lease?

    A customer recently asked if a tenancy at will is the same as a lease. A tenancy at will is not a lease, but in answering that question it became obvious that our visitors might find an examination of each of these tenancy arrangements useful information.

    0 The Pitfalls of Subletting Your Rental Unit

    Let's say two years into a 5-year lease term and you get a new job that requires you to move to a different city. What do you do? Your only options are to either (i) get your landlord to agree to let you out of the lease early (which could be costly), (ii) find someone to take over the balance of the lease through an assignment, or (iii) subletting to another tenant who will rent the place for the balance of the lease term, which means you remain on the lease as the original tenant.

    0 What to Look For in a Business Lease

    You've finally found an ideal location for your business, and you can start negotiating the lease with the landlord. But what should you be looking for in the commercial lease agreement? Before you sign anything, review the lease and make sure it answers each of the following questions:

    1. Will you be given a copy of the building inspection report? If not, can you arrange for your own inspection?

    2. Is a drawing of the leased premises attached with the demised area clearly marked?

    3. What is ...