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    0 Living Through a Disaster Shows a Community's True Spirit

    Calgary has just been through the worst flood in our history. And we've become better neighbours and better friends. To my fellow Calgarians, you are my heroes.

    0 Hiring for Nonprofits: How to Find Good Staff When You Have Little Cash

    Hiring for nonprofits is not the same as hiring staff for a profit corporation. For one thing, you'll be working with substantially less money in your personnel budget than a private company of comparable size would have available.

    0 8 Steps to Delivering an Appropriate Eulogy

    While it is undoubtedly an honor to be asked to deliver the eulogy at a funeral, most people get very anxious about the prospect of delivering a eulogy. And understandably so. It is a very emotional experience for most people, especially since the deceased person is someone you knew very well - a relative or a dear friend. This article has tips to help get you through the process.

    0 Reason and Logic - The Building Blocks of a Persuasive Argument

    A good speech is built from the ground up. Approach it the same way you would approach the planning and construction of a home. It must have a solid foundation, reinforced with facts and logic, before the ornamental fiddly bits (humor, style and delivery) are added. Form and functionality must combine to create the final aesthetic "whole".

    0 9 Tips for Giving a Gracious Acceptance Speech

    There are nine key elements to giving a gracious and memorable acceptance speech. Remember these and you'll be accepting awards left, right and center.

    0 How to Give a Great - and Memorable - Commencement Speech

    It is a singular honor to be asked to give a commencement speech at your old high school, college or university. It can also be very nerve-wracking to prepare such a speech. By following these simple guidelines, you can make the process much less anxiety-laden and even enjoyable!

    0 5 Good Tips for Introducing a Speaker

    First impressions are the most important. But most public speakers do not have the chance to shape the audience’s first impression of them, because more often than not, they are being introduced by someone else. Therefore delivering a good, effective introduction is very important.