Mergers and Amalgamations

Prepare the corporate legal documents you need to merge or amalgamate two or more related companies with these ready-made Amalgamation and Merger Forms.


What is an amalgamation?

An amalgamation is the combination of two or more related companies. The amalgamated entity may or may not be one of the original companies. The shareholders of each company become the shareholders of the amalgamated company, and the assets and liabilities of the merged companies are vested in the amalgamated company.

What is a merger?

A merger is the formation of a new company from two or more existing companies, through pooling of common stock, cash payment or a combination of both. The companies being merged cease to exist and the shareholders of those companies become the shareholders of the new company.

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Alberta Hybrid Amalgamation Forms Package

Prepare the documents you need to amalgamate two affiliated corporations with this Alberta Hybrid Amalgamation Forms Package.

A hybrid amalgamation is one between two corporations who are affiliated (in other words, one corporation owns shares in the other). The following forms are included in this package:
  1. Amalgamation Agreement;
  2. Statutory Declaration of a proposed director of the amalgamated company regarding the financial status of the new company;
  3. .....

Alberta Vertical Amalgamation Forms

Prepare the documents required for a short form vertical amalgamation in the Province of Alberta with this package of template forms.

A vertical amalgamation is one in which a parent corporation merges with a wholly-owned subsidiary, following which all of the shares in the subsidiary company are owned by the parent corporation. This package of forms contains:
  1. Amalgamation Agreement
  2. Statutory Declaration re solvency required under the Alberta Business Corpor.....

Australia Merger Agreement

Merge two existing Australian companies into a new corporate entity under this customisable Australia Merger Agreement.

  • Both of the merging companies will transfer their businesses to the new entity, which will issue shares in its capital to the companies' shareholders in exchange for the transfer.
  • The merging companies are responsible for obtaining necessary authorisations and approvals to transfer any leases and business contracts to the new company.
  • .....

Canada Minutes of Organizational Meeting of Amalgamated Corporation

After an amalgamation, the amalgamated Canadian corporation must hold an organizational meeting of directors and shareholders. Use this easy template to prepare the Minutes, which cover:

  • election of the directors for the ensuing year,
  • appointment of the corporate officers who will perform certain duties for the corporation,
  • adopting by-laws for the new corporation,
  • issuing shares of stock to the shareholders.

Save yourself time and .....


India Scheme of Amalgamation

Amalgamate two Indian companies with this fully editable Scheme of Amalgamation template form, in accordance with the Companies Act 1956.

  • On the effective date of the amalgamation, the transferor company transfers all of its business, properties, contracts, investments, intellectual property, licenses, funds, industrial rights, and all other assets and property to the transferee company pursuant to Section 394 of the Act and subject to any existing charge over any of the asset.....

Manitoba Amalgamation Agreement

Prepare an Amalgamation Agreement between two Manitoba corporations with this easy-to-use template form.

  • All transfers of shares in the amalgamated corporation require the consent of the directors.
  • Any invitation to the public to subscribe for securities of the Amalgamated Corporation is prohibited.
  • Alternate provisions for either canceling the issued and outstanding shares of the amalgamating corporations, or converting them into shares of the amalgamated c.....

North Carolina Agreement and Plan of Merger

Merge a North Carolina company with a wholly owned subsidiary under the terms of this Agreement and Plan of Merger.

  • After the merger, the subsidiary will cease to exist and the company will continue in existence as the surviving corporation.
  • The shares of the subsidiary will be canceled and the shares of the Company will be converted into stock in the surviving corporation.
  • The company will not amend its articles or by-laws, reorganize its share capital,.....

Ontario Amalgamation Agreement

Amalgamate two related corporations with this easy-to-use Amalgamation Agreement for Ontario companies.

  • The shares of each amalgamating company are to be converted into shares of the new corporate entity formed by the amalgamation.
  • Each of the amalgamating companies contributes all of its assets and property to the new company.
  • The number of shareholders of the new company will be limited to no more than 50.
This Ontario Amalgamation Agre.....

Ontario Checklist for Long Form Amalgamation

Track the steps required for a Long Form Amalgamation in the Province of Ontario with this ready-made checklist.

  • If the amalgamation does not meet the requirements for a short form amalgamation, a long form amalgamation must be done.
  • The checklist summarizes all the information, documents and actions that need to be compiled and completed in order to finalize the amalgamation.
This Ontario Checklist for Long Form Amalgamation is a downloada.....

Ontario Checklist for Short Form Horizontal Amalgamation

Track the steps required for a Short Form Horizontal Amalgamation in the Province of Ontario with this ready-made checklist.

  • A short form horizontal amalgamation is a merger of a holding company and an operating company.
  • The holding company's structure is the basis for the new amalgamated corporation.
  • The checklist summarizes all the information, documents and actions that need to be taken to complete the amalgamation.
This Ontario Checkli.....