Telecommuting Location Checklist


This Telecommuting Location Checklist lets you assist an employee in setting up a remote work station so they can telecommute.

    The checklist covers health and safety aspects of the workspace / home office, such as electrical outlets, furniture and equipment, and fire safety.
  • The checklist also looks at practical issues such as: will the work area be too noisy if other members of the household are present while the employee is working?
  • The company sends an onsite inspector to decide whether the workspace is or is not a suitable home office for telecommuting.
  • Assessing the workspace with this Telecommuting Location Checklist helps ensure that remote workers can perform to the best of their abilities.
  • You can download the form immediately after purchase. The form is fully editable and can be used "as is" or tailored to fit your company's requirements.
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Last Updated: 28-Sep-2017