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    The Soap Cookbook


    Make your own healthy, natural and eco-friendly handmade soaps and cosmetics with The Soap Cookbook.

    This book's 10 chapters contain all the recipes, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions you need for making luxurious homemade and environmentally safe soaps, beauty and household products, including:

    • beauty bars, bubble bath, bath salts, liquid soaps, loofas
    • laundry and housecleaning products
    • infused oils, massage oils, body powders
    • toilet waters, colognes and after shaves
    • styling gel, conditions, and other hair care products
    • cleansing scrubs, moisturizers, facials and toners
    • pain relieving rubs and muscle soaks
    • anti-aging formulas, ointments and salves
    • lip gloss, cold sore remedies
    • toothpaste, teeth whiteners and mouth wash

    Buy your copy of The Soap Cookbook and make these gentle, safe, non-toxic, products for yourself and as gifts for family and friends! Created and published by The Soap Box.

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    Last Updated: 15-July-2016
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