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    0 How Multi-Unit Buildings are Preparing for the Legalization of Pot

    Bill C-45 has passed the Senate. Once enacted, the Cannabis Act will make it legal to smoke pot in Canada, and to grow a limited quantity of personal marijuana (up to 4 plants) on your property.

    man smoking a joint

    And while pot growers, distributors and smokers are very happy about the legalization of marijuana, condo boards and landlords across the country are scrambling to deal with issues which will impact all residents in every multi-unit dwelling in Canada.

    Potential risks and grounds for complaints

    In m...

    0 Reputation Management - 5 Steps to Rebuild Your Image After a Lawsuit

    The end of a lawsuit – or any crisis for that matter – can necessitate the question of how best to move on. How to rebuild or manage your reputation going forward after a public embarrassment can be a significant challenge, and not just for major public figures or the heads of large companies. While celebrities or other wealthy individuals can build teams of professionals to help them navigate the obstacles of managing their image, the rest of us often need to find our own way – perhaps with the...

    0 Pokémon Go - The Legal Realities of AR
    The release of Pokémon Go has opened a Pandora's box of concerns for property owners, lawyers and lawmakers. This is a brief overview of potential legal issues arising from the new and developing area of augmented reality apps.
    0 This New Year, Resolve to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

    Happy New Year! With January almost upon us, it's time to start thinking about those New Year's resolutions. Are you focusing on self-improvement this year? Eating healthy, exercising more, quitting smoking - is one of those at the top of your list? Self-improvement is a wonderful goal. But why not try to be a little bit more environmentally altruistic this year and resolve to start living a greener life? With a few simple changes, each of us can reduce our environmental footprint and do our par...

    0 12 Tips for Speaking to a Foreign Audience

    Because of the global nature of our economy, the world has become a much smaller place. You may therefore find yourself speaking more and more often to predominantly foreign audiences. This will necessitate learning a new set of ground rules for each country and each cultural segment you are addressing.