Canada Employee Nondisclosure Agreement


Your company's confidential information is worth protecting. That's why all of your employees should be required to sign this Employee Nondisclosure Agreement for Canada.

  • Under the terms of the Agreement, the employee is legally bound not to disclose any confidential information, proprietary data or trade secrets.
  • The provisions of the Agreement survive the termination of employment, so if an ex-employee decides to use his/her knowledge of your customers, data and processes for personal gain, you have legal recourse.
  • This employee nondisclosure agreement is intended for use in Canada and is governed by Canadian law.
  • This is a reusable legal form. Buy the form once, download it, save it and it's yours to use as often as required.

Don't take chances with your valuable business data. Get your copy of the Canada Employee Nondisclosure Agreement today.

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