Service Contracts

To a service business, time is money. Save time with good standard contract templates. Buy and download the ones you need, then customize them for your unique business.

  • Ready-made legal contract forms for a variety of service industries.
  • Personalize the contracts by adding your business logo, address, phone numbers and website URL.
  • Get professional quality service agreements provided by industry experts.
  • Re-use the templates as often as your business requires.
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Australia House Sitting Agreement

Don't leave your house empty while you're away. It could become a target for thieves. Hire someone to 'house sit' for you with this House Sitting Agreement for Australia.

  • The home owner pays for all council rates and taxes, and the house sitter pays for utilities and services during the term of the contract.
  • The house sitter is responsible for proper care and maintenance of the home, and for keeping it clean.
  • Contact numbers are provided for emergency repairs and for a veterinarian, if there are pets left in the home.
  • This is NOT a lease. The house sitter has a license to occupy the premises but has no legal rights in the property.

This Australia House Sitting Agreement is a downloadable legal contract which can be used in all states and territories.


Christmas Light Display Contract (Commercial or Municipal)

Write up customer contracts for your holiday lights display business with this affordable Christmas Light Installation Contract for commercial and municipal customers.

  • This contract can be used for large indoor ⁄ outdoor commercial displays, or for multiple locations on municipal property (such as city parks, boulevards, in front of administrative buildings, etc).
  • The customer is responsible for preparing the locations so that installation can proceed on the agreed date(s). If the contractor has to hire additional workers to complete the displays on time, the customer agrees to pay any additional labor charges.
  • The contractor will perform regular inspections to ensure that the lights and display items are working properly. The contractor will be available for emergency repairs outside of regular hours, for an additional fee.
  • The customer will provide portable toilets if any of the installations are outdoors and not within easy access to bathroom facilities.
  • The contractor will arrange for any traffic rerouting or lane closures, and will obtain all necessary permits and licenses.
  • Any aerial lifts or other specialized heavy equipment required for the installation will be operated only by properly licensed operators.
  • The contractor indemnifies the customer against any actions, damages or costs arising from the installation of the lights and displays.

It's never too early to get ready for the holidays. Download the Christmas Light Installation Contract for your business today.


Christmas Light Display Contract (Residential and Small Business)

Start up a business installing holiday lights with this downloadable Christmas Light Installation Contract for residential and small business customers.

  • The installer will work with the customer to design the display, and will use top quality bulbs, cords and lighting.
  • The installer will use best efforts to ensure that no damage is done from staples, hooks or clips used to secure the display, but makes no guarantee that damage will not occur.
  • Dismantling of the lights display is included in the installation fee. The customer is responsible for packing and storing the items.
  • The installer will charge a minimum labor charge for the installation. An early bird discount will be applied for orders booked earlier than a specified date.
  • The installer has the right to refuse to do the installation if the property is unsafe or if the customer's design may pose a hazard.
  • The installer warrants the bulbs, fuses, wiring, etc. for a certain period of time after installation and will replace defective items free of charge.
  • The installer is responsible for carrying sufficient liability insurance and will indemnify the customer against any claims arising from the installer's negligence or inactions.
This Christmas Light Installation Contract for Residential and Small Business Displays is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your business needs.

Computer & Electronics Recycling Agreement (Business)

If you're in the computer and electronics recycling business, you could be vulnerable to damage claims from customers over lost or improperly destroyed data. You need this Recycling Agreement with indemnity provisions.

  • This is a downloadable contract form for business and corporate customers.
  • The agreement can be used for an ongoing annual contract. Pickups will be scheduled on an as-needed basis by the customer.
  • The recycler will erase all data and remove any identifying marks from computers and storage devices.
  • Certificates of recycling and data destruction will be issued on request.
  • The customer is responsible for packing and palletizing all items to be recycled. Title to the devices passes to the recycler upon pickup.
  • The customer is responsible for backing up all data and files. The recycler is not liable for any lost data, and the customer indemnifies the recycler against any costs or damages.

This Computer & Electronics Recycling Agreement (Business) is a generic legal form that does not contain any references to the laws of any country. Downloadable and fully customizable for your unique needs.


Computer & Electronics Recycling Agreement (Residential)

Recycling used computers and electronics can leave you open to liability for claims over lost or incompletely destroyed data. Protect yourself with a well written Recycling Agreement.

  • This contract template is for computers and devices from residential customers (not used for business / corporate purposes).
  • The recycler will erase all of the data from computers and storage devices.
  • The customer is responsible for backing up all data and files. The recycler is not liable for any lost data.
  • All recycling fees must be paid at the time of pickup.
  • The agreement includes an indemnity provision. The customer indemnifies the recycler against any costs or damage claims.
  • This is a reusable legal form - buy it, download and save it as a template, then use it as often as you like.

The Computer & Electronics Recycling Agreement (Residential) is a generic legal template which does not have any country-specific language.


Concierge Contract

Do you provide concierge services? Make sure you get a written contract signed with your clients. This Concierge Contract template contains all the necessary legal provisions.

  • The concierge is acting as an independent contractor, and not as an employee of the client.
  • The concierge will invoice his/her billable hours each month and be reimbursed for proper expenses.
  • The concierge has no liability for products or services provided by third party businesses.
  • Either party can terminate the contract in accordance with its terms.
  • The parties agree to refer any disputes to mediation.
  • The contract includes a force majeure clause to cover circumstances outside of the concierge's reasonable control.
  • This contract template can be used for either corporate clients or individuals.

This Concierge Contract template is very easy to customize specifically for your use.