Advertising and Marketing Forms

Promote your business, hire an ad agency, and retain a marketing expert with these template advertising contracts and marketing forms.

  • Template agreements, letters, worksheets and contracts that can be used practically anywhere.
  • Save time and money on advertising, marketing and promotions.
  • Affordable and easy to use documents and forms for professional marketers, advertising agencies and small businesses.
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17 Promotional Customer Letter Templates

Promote your company's products and services to potential customers and your existing clientele with these Promotional Customer Letter Templates. The package contains 17 different letter templates for a variety of purposes:

  • Promote new product lines.
  • Send a welcome note to new customers.
  • Introduce customers to additional goods and services that may be of value to them.
  • Touch base with existing customers.
  • Templates included for specialized products and services.

These 17 Promotional Customer Letter Templates are fully editable and can be easily personalized to suit you and your customers.


Advertising Agency Retainer Agreement

Sign up a client for your ad agency with this template Advertising Agency Retainer Agreement.

  • The template is fully editable so you can customize it to fit your circumstances.
  • The ad agency is retained on an independent contractor basis, and is not an employee, agent or representative of the client.
  • The ad agency agrees not to disclose any of the client's confidential information.
  • The ad agency covenants not to compete with the client's business.
  • The Agreement contains two alternate clauses regarding ownership of intellectual property, one in favor of the client and one in favor of the agency. You can keep the one you want to use, and delete the other.
  • This template is generic and does not reference the laws of any particular country, state or province.

Get the Advertising Agency Retainer Agreement and personalize it for your clients.


Canada Marketing Services Agreement (International)

Market products worldwide for Canadian companies under the terms of this International Marketing Agreement.

  • The marketer will act as agent for the client in garnering interest for the client's products from foreign distribution outlets outside of Canada.
  • The marketer will be paid a share of all revenues generated from the sale and licensing of the client's products.
  • The parties appoint a bank to act as escrow agent, to hold the revenues until instructed in writing to distribute the funds.
  • Any disputes arising under the Agreement will be resolved by binding arbitration.
  • The Agreement is governed by Canadian laws.

For all of those markets outside of Canada's borders, you need the Canada Marketing Services Agreement (International).


Commitment for Advertising

Ad agencies can use this easy template to prepare a Commitment for Advertising from a client, authorizing the agency to prepare ad artwork, layouts and contract with suppliers for advertising in various media.

Click the Download button to download a copy of the free form, or copy and paste the text below.

COMMITMENT FOR ADVERTISING [print on the client's letterhead]

NAME OF CLIENT:_________________________

DATE: _________________

DESCRIPTION OF ART WORK: __________________________________________________________
Includes conceptual layouts, comprehensive layout, artist's renderings, preparation of camera - ready mechanicals.

Estimated cost: $________
(Typography costs are extra)

This commitment form is to serve as Client's written authorization for ____________________________ (name of firm) to perform services and/or contract with suppliers for the above described items or services (radio, television, magazine, publication, outdoor advertising, artwork, production, etc.) on client's behalf. Client's signature also indicates understanding of estimates, prices, terms and liability to _______________ (name of firm) for said items or services.

Alterations or revisions of above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon additional written orders.

ACCEPTED: _________________

Signed this _____ day of ___________, 20____.

CLIENT:____________________________________              AGENCY:_____________________________

Exclusive Event Sponsorship Agreement

Event promoters, sign up a sponsor for a major concert or sporting event with this Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement.

  • The sponsor will be the exclusive official sponsor for the event.
  • The promoters will ensure that the sponsor's marketing and advertising requirements are met.
  • The promoters are responsible for developing an official logo and/or catch phrase for the event.
  • The sponsor agrees to actively promote merchandise developed by the promoter specifically for the event.
This Exclusive Event Sponsorship Agreement template is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to meet your particular needs.

How to Write Order Pulling Ads

Without sales, your business is going nowhere. This free article will show you how to write ads that pull in sales.

  • Learn how to attract the attention of a potential customer and get them interested in your product.
  • Learn the basics of writing classified ads and display advertisements.
  • Discover how the pros turn browsers into paying customers.

"How to Write Order Pulling Ads" is a free downloadable article, available in PDF format.