Information Technology Forms

Are you an IT professional? Prepare your service contracts and maintenance agreements with these customizable template forms.


Q. What is the definition of the term 'information technology'?

A. Information technology (I.T. or IT) extends to the entire field of computer-based information systems, including the actual storage, retrieval, processing and management of information and data, and the creation and development of new methods and applications of storage.

IT includes computer hardware, software, networking, Internet, cloud storage, and all the human resources associated with those fields.

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Canada Computer System Implementation Agreement

IT service providers, prepare a Computer System Implementation Agreement with this template form for Canada.

  • The contract covers the sale and purchase of computer hardware, license of operating and applications software, contracting of maintenance and support services, installation of hardware and software, and implementation of the system.
  • The customer is responsible for site preparation.
  • The supplier is responsible for installation, configuration, data conversion and functionality testing.
  • Risk of loss remains with the supplier until all equipment has been delivered to the customer's site.
  • The supplier will act as primary contractor and assume responsibility for all components of the system.
This Canada Computer System Implementation Agreement is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

Canada Data Disaster Recovery Agreement

Prepare a Data Disaster Recovery Agreement for your customers with this comprehensive template for Canadian based businesses.

  • The disaster recovery service company will provide professional data recovery and restoration services to the customer.
  • The customer will have access to the backup facilities for recovery operations.
  • Priority of use of facilities following multiple disasters.
  • Access to and use of the facility for testing disaster procedures.
  • Confidentiality provisions to protect against disclosure of the customer's confidential information.
This Canada Data Disaster Recovery Agreement template is fully editable to meet your exact needs.

Canada Electronic Data Interchange Agreement

Protect documents, data and other sensitive information exchanged with other parties over a network with this Electronic Data Interchange Agreement for Canada.

  • This form of contract is often used by securities traders to protect the exchange of documents and files with clients.
  • Each party is responsible for supplying and maintaining its own hardware, software, services and testing.
  • Each party will pay its own costs.
  • Each party must acknowledge receipt of documents from the other party, but failure to do so will not invalidate the legal effect of the transmitted document insofar as the sender is identifiable. This is particularly important for time-sensitive transmissions, such as notices.
  • Each party will immediately inform the other of any transmission errors.
  • Each party is responsible for following established security protocols and procedures.
This Canada Electronic Data Interchange Agreement is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

Canada IT Operations Management Services Agreement

Prepare a customer contract for integrated IT management services with this IT Operations Management Services Agreement for Canadian businesses.

  • The service provider will perform the operations using the customer's hardware. The software will be supplied by both the customer and the service provider.
  • The service provider is not liable for any failure to achieve its service level objectives due to any problem resulting from alterations made to the customer's hardware or software without the service provider's approval.
  • The customer will allow the provider to install and maintain system and network diagnostic and maintenance programs on the customer's computer systems or sites solely for the provider's use in performing the services.
  • The provider will be given full and unrestricted access to the equipment 24/7/365.
  • The parties agree to resolve any disputes by mutual discussion and negotiation.
  • The parties agree not to disclose confidential information of the other party, or to use any intellectual property right of the other party without authorization.
  • Provisions covering the transition of services from the provider to another party upon termination of the agreement.
  • Each party will retain sole ownership of its own hardware, software and materials. Any materials jointly developed by the parties will be assigned to the provider, who will grant the customer a perpetual license to use such materials for internal purposes.
This Canada IT Operations Management Services Agreement template is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

Canada IT Outsourcing Consulting Agreement

Outsource your IT management to an outside consultant with this Information Technology Outsourcing Consulting Agreement for Canada.

  • The IT consultant will supply a sufficient number of staff to perform the services being contracted for.
  • The customer will have the right to request a replacement of any of the IT staff it considers unsuitable.
  • The consultant will make all the necessary payroll deductions and remittances for its employees, including EI and workers' compensation.
  • The consultant will submit a written monthly operations report breaking down the hours spent on each project, list of services completed, budget issues, etc.
  • The parties' respective ownership and proprietary rights in the software and documentation is covered.
  • Each party agrees not to solicit the other's employees for a period of time after the Agreement is terminated.

You can easily customize the Canada IT Outsourcing Consulting Agreement to suit your unique needs. Buy, download, start using immediately.


Canada Outsourcing Consent Agreement

Get consent from the developer to outsource data management services with this Outsourcing Consent Agreement for Canada.

  • The parties to the Agreement are the customer, the software developer and a data management service provider.
  • The customer licenses software programs through the developer.
  • The customer wants to outsource its data management services to the service provider.
  • In order to do so, the customer requires the consent of the developer to allow the service provider to access and use the licensed software.
This Canada Outsourcing Consent Agreement template is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.