Court Forms

These downloadable Court Forms will help you initiate a legal action, enforce a judgment, file a defense or make a court application in the United States or Canada.

These forms are not intended to take the place of legal counsel. It is recommended that you obtain competent advice from a lawyer in your region before proceeding with a court action.

It is not uncommon for parties in a small claims action to represent themselves, and self representation is becoming more common in smaller civil suits as well (claims of up to $100,000). But you should not represent yourself in a criminal trial. If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you by the court.

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Alberta Factum of Appellant

Prepare a Factum of Appellant for a case in Alberta Court of Appeal with this MS Word template which includes:

  • Table of Contents,
  • frontispage,
  • Statement of Facts,
  • Grounds of Appeal,
  • Points of Law,
  • Nature of Relief Sought,
  • Authorities of Appellant.

You'll be able to download the Alberta Factum of Appellant template immediately after purchasing it. Get a copy for your digital precedents.


Alberta Information Questionnaire for Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury lawyers in Alberta can use this Client Information Questionnaire to collect data needed to file a personal injury claim in Court of Queen's Bench, including:

  • the client's personal and employment history,
  • medical records, treatments, medication,
  • time missed from work,
  • police ⁄ criminal record,
  • activities since the accident,
  • witnesses,
  • insurance information, and
  • other relevant data with resp.....

Alberta Irrevocable Letter of Guarantee

Prepare an Irrevocable Letter of Guarantee for a lawsuit in Alberta with this easy-to-use template form.

  • The Letter of Guarantee would be issued by a defendant's bank to the Clerk of the Court of Queen's Bench, in connection with a civil claim.
  • The letter guarantees payment of a specified amount, which is to be paid into Court as security.
  • The Letter of Guarantee is unconditional and cannot be revoked prior to its expiry date, which initially is one year fro.....

California Petition for Writ of Habeus Corpus

File a petition with California Superior Court to get a prisoner released from custody with this Petition for Writ of Habeus Corpus.

The form contains instructions on how to complete and file the Petition. This is a free download in PDF format.

Petition for Writ of Habeus Corpus California Form MC-275 Rev. Jan 1, 2009.

Canada Assignment of Judgment

Have you obtained a judgment in a civil lawsuit in Canada that you wish to assign and transfer to a third party? Use this ready-made Assignment form.

  • By filling out and executing the form, you can sign over to an assignee the amount of the judgment and any costs awarded to you.
  • You as the assignor (party making the assignment) must warrant that the judgment is still in full force and effect, and the amount remains unpaid.
  • This form is downloadable and fully .....

Ontario Notice of Application

Use this downloadable template to prepare a Notice of Application being made in a legal action in the Province of Ontario.

  • The form is for actions brought in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.
  • The Notice is given by the party bringing the application to a respondent in the action, and sets out the claim made by the applicant.

To access the Ontario Notice of Application form, just add it to your cart, check out and pay for it. You'll be able to downl.....


Ontario Notice of Motion

Ontario barristers can prepare a Notice of Motion with this ready-made template for Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The Notice sets out:
  • the time and place of the hearing,
  • the proposed method of hearing,
  • the grounds on which the motion is brought, and
  • the documentary evidence to be used.

Download the digital Ontario Notice of Motion form for your court precedents.


Ontario Statement of Claim for Action Commenced by Notice of Action

This Statement of Claim form is used to file a lawsuit in an action which is commenced by a Notice of Action.

  • The form is for actions brought in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.
  • The file includes the required Notice of Action.

Download the template for your precedents library. Just add it to your cart and go through the checkout.


Ontario Statement of Claim for Debt Collection Lawsuit

Launch a lawsuit to collect an outstanding debt with this downloadable template Statement of Claim form.

  • The form is used to file a claim in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.
  • The plaintiff is seeking a judgment against a defendant for failure to pay an outstanding debt, such as a loan.

Every litigation practice needs court forms for debt collections. Get the Statement of Claim template for your document system.


Ontario Statement of Defence

Prepare a Statement of Defence for a defendant in a lawsuit with this ready-made template for legal actions commenced in Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

  • The form sets out the defendant's admissions of certain parts of the Statement of Claim and denial of other parts.
  • The defendant also states the evidence upon which the defence is being made.

You'll need a Statement of Defence template to represent your clients or yourself in court. Download yours no.....