Animal Services Forms

Buy customizable contracts, agreements, bills of sale and other forms for your animal services business, including:

  • Pet sitters and dog walkers
  • Stables and equine rescue facilities
  • Livestock and dog breeders
  • Animal shelters
  • Veterinarians
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Bill of Sale for Dog or Puppy

Sell a dog or a puppy with this template Bill of Sale and Sales Contract form.

  • The Bill of Sale portion sets out the price, details of the dog's breeding and registration (if applicable), and overall state of health.
  • The Sales Contract covers payment, transfer of ownership of the dog / puppy, and representation and warranties of the seller and buyer.
  • The Contract includes some provisions specifically intended for breeders, but which can be deleted for sellers who are not breeders and are just selling an individual dog to a new owner.

If you raise puppies for sale, you need this Bill of Sale and Sales Contract template. Download it, customize it for your unique purposes, use it over and over.


California Stable Worker Release and Waiver of Liability

This Stable Worker Release and Waiver of Liability is a downloadable form for California stables and equestrian facilities.

  • Protect your business against injury, damage or wrongful death claims by grooms, trainers or stable hands.
  • Each of your employees who works with or around horses should sign this Release and Waiver before they start working for you.
  • The employee specifically waives his or her rights under Section 1542 of the California Civil Code.
  • This is a reusable legal template. Buy the form, download it, and re-use it for each new employee.
The California Stable Worker Release and Waiver of Liability form is a fully customizable template in MS Word format.

Emergency Veterinary Care Authorization and Release

Professional pet sitters must be prepared for any situation. Have your clients fill out this Emergency Veterinary Care Authorization & Release form for each of the pets that they leave in your care.

  • The pet sitter is authorized to contact the specified veterinarian in the event that a pet requires medical attention, or to obtain alternate veterinary care if the client's veterinarian is not available.
  • The client's veterinarian is authorized to diagnose and treat the animal as necessary, with an optional clause to set a limit on the cost of such treatment.
  • The client acknowledges sole responsibility for payment of the costs and expenses, and certifies that the pet is up to date on its vaccinations.
  • The client also releases the pet sitter from liability.

Purchase and download the Emergency Veterinary Care Authorization and Release and always get it signed.


Equine Adoption Agreement

Adopt out horses from a horse shelter and rescue organization with this downloadable Equine Adoption Agreement template.

  • The adopter agrees not to sell or transfer ownership or possession of the animal at any time. If the adopter cannot continue to provide care and shelter for the horse, ownership and custody will revert back to the shelter.
  • The adopter must provide proper feed, shelter, pasture, farrier and veterinary care for the horse in order to maintain its good health and safety.
  • The shelter has the right to inspect any facility where the horse is being stabled, and has the right to take possession of the horse if it determines that there is abuse or neglect of the animal.
  • The adopter must keep the horse up to date on all vaccinations, veterinary and farrier care.
  • The adopter agrees not to breed the horse under any circumstances.
  • If the adopter must voluntarily surrender the horse back to the shelter, the adopter must give the shelter proper advance notice and is responsible for paying for all transportation costs for the horse's return.
  • The Agreement includes a sample Equine Adoption Policy.
This Equine Adoption Agreement is provided as a downloadable and fully customizable MS Word template.

Equine Adoption Application Form

Equine rescue shelters can use this template Adoption Application Form to foster or adopt out rescue horses.

  • The applicant must indicate whether he/she has previously owned a horse, and provide information about his/her level of experience with handling horses.
  • The applicant must also provide complete information about the stable or boarding facility at which the animal will be kept.
  • If the horse is to be ridden, information about all riders must be provided, including age, height, weight and level of experience.
  • If the applicant currently owns other horses, their medical information must be provided.
  • Personal references from a vet, farrier, trainer, riding instructor or other competent person must be submitted.
  • The form also includes an Acknowledgement by Applicant form, a release of the applicant's personal information, and a table of estimated monthly costs associated with horse care.

Purchase and download the Equine Adoption Application Form for your organization. Customizable and reusable.


Equine Adoption Policy

Equine rescue associations can use this ready-made template to develop an adoption policy for their rescued horses.

The Adoption Policy is intended to ensure that all horses at the shelter are adopted out to suitable homes. It sets out the shelter's policies and procedures governing:
  • application approval process for adoption of a horse,
  • adoptive standards of care (medical care, pasturing, food and water, shelter),
  • restrictions on breeding,
  • recommendations for evaluation of the horse by the adopter's veterinarian and a trainer (if the horse will be used for riding),
  • farrier requirements,
  • euthanasia policy.

Get the form in 3 simple steps: Add the Equine Adoption Policy template to your cart. Use our secure checkout to pay for the form. Download it.