Do you operate a business in the PRC? Create your own employment contracts and agreements with these easy-to-use Employment Forms for China.


Currently only English language versions available. A Chinese translation may be required for validation.

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China Employment Agreement for CEO

Hire an executive officer for a company based in China with this template Employment Agreement for CEO.

  • The CEO is hired on a contract basis, pursuant to the Labor Laws of the PRC.
  • The parties have the option to renew the Agreement at the end of the initial term of employment.
  • The employee will be responsible for all key operational functions, including implementing a management system, supervising all operation and financial aspects of the business, impleme.....

China Management Employment Contract

Hire a candidate to fill a management position in a company located in China with this Management Employment Contract, in accordance with the Labor Law of the PRC.

  • The contract is for a specified term, which can be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and employee.
  • The employee will first serve a probationary period with the company, during which each party can evaluate the working relationship.
  • The employee will comply with all laws, rules and .....

Hong Kong Executive Services Agreement

Hire an executive director for a company based in Hong Kong with this fully editable Executive Services Agreement.

  • The executive's duties will include formulating and implementing corporate development strategies, investor relations, handling mergers and acquisitions, and similar duties.
  • The executive's salary will be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors. Each fiscal year, a discretionary bonus will be paid.
  • In addition to any other benefits, the ex.....