Independent Contractor Forms

Easily create your own Contractor Agreements, invoices, proposals and other documents with these customizable templates.

  • Forms for individuals who contract out their services.
  • Forms for employers who hire independent contractors to reduce operating costs.
  • Contracts to appoint agents to act on behalf of companies.
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Agency Agreement to Carry On Business Affairs

Appoint an agent to carry on the business of your company with this Agency Agreement to Carry On Business Affairs.

  • The agent is not acting as an employee of the company, but will run the affairs of the business as the representative of the company.
  • All revenues received by the agent will be remitted to the company.
  • The agent will be reimbursed for its expenses in carrying out its duties.
  • This is a generic legal contract which is not specific to any country and can be used in any common law jurisdiction.
The Agency Agreement to Carry On Business Affairs template is fully editable to meet your needs.

Canada Agreement to Manage Business

Retain a manager to run your business under the terms of this template Management Agreement for Canada.

  • The manager is not being hired as an employee, but contracted as an independent contractor.
  • The contract is exclusive, and the manager agrees not to provide similar services to any other business during the term of the contract.
  • Management fees will be paid to the manager/contractor on whatever basis the parties agree to (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc).
  • Each of the parties indemnifies the other against claims or damages.
  • Either party can terminate the contract on written notice to the other party.
This Canada Agreement to Manage Business template can be used in any province or territory across the country. Download it and customize it for your unique business.

Canada Deliverables Letter Agreement

Prepare a Deliverables Letter Agreement between an independent contractor and a client with this template form for Canada.

  • The agreement sets out the terms under which the contractor will provide certain deliverables to the client in connection with a specific project.
  • The parties will draw up a timetable with the dates by which certain items are to be completed and delivered, and a schedule of payments to be made by the client.
  • The client will be the sole owner of all deliverables and related documentation.
  • The contractor is retained as an independent contractor and is not an employee, partner or affiliate of the client.
  • Non-disclosure and non-solicitation obligations to be complied with by the contractor, to protect the client's confidential information.

The Canada Deliverables Letter Agreement is available as a downloadable and fully editable MS Word file.


Canada Guidelines to Determine Independent Contractor or Employee Status

Do you know how the tax authorities determine the difference between an employee and an independent contractor?

Many employers are considering hiring staff on a contractor basis, instead of employing them outright, as a means of reducing the employer's obligation for payroll remittances. But it's important to be sure that you know which factors determine whether a worker is an employee or not.

This set of free Guidelines for Canadian employers explain what Canada Revenue Agency looks at, and how a court would determine whether someone who works for you is an employee, even if you assumed you were retaining them as a contractor.

The Guidelines to Determine Independent Contractor or Employee Status in Canada are available as a PDF download.

Canada Independent Contractor Agreement

Reduce your employer contributions by hiring workers as contractors instead of employees with this Independent Contractor Agreement for Canadian businesses.

  • The independent contractor is responsible for remitting his or her own payroll deductions and taxes. The contractor must also remit GST (if applicable).
  • The contractor is not eligible for the company's employee benefits.
  • The contractor agrees not to disclose or use any of the company's confidential information disclosed to the contractor during the term of the contract.
  • This engagement contract template can be used across Canada.

You can cut costs and increase your monthly cash flow by retaining contractors instead of hiring employees. Download this Independent Contractor Agreement for Canada today.


Contractor Services Agreement

Retain an independent contractor for specific projects with this Contractor Services Agreement.

  • The contractor will be paid an hourly rate and will be reimbursed for pre-approved expenses.
  • The agreement is not an exclusive contract, and the contractor is not required to devote all of his/her time and efforts to the company's projects.
  • The document includes a confidentiality agreement and a non-competition covenant.
  • This is a generic legal form which does not specifically reference the laws of any jurisdiction.
The Contractor Services Agreement template is downloadable and fully customizable.