Recruit, hire and terminate employees with these template Employment Contract Forms for Australian businesses.

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Australia Employee Nondisclosure Agreement

Did you know that most disclosures of company data are made by employees, past and present? It just makes sense to have your staff sign this Employee Nondisclosure Agreement for Australian employers.

  • New employees should sign it before they begin work. You should also have a signed copy on file for each current employee.
  • The employee agrees not to disclose any confidential information or trade secrets belonging to the employer, during or after the period of employme.....

Australia Employment Agreement

Australia employers, hire your new employees with this Employment Agreement template.

  • This form contains provisions for both an ongoing employment and for a fixed term, for instance if the employee is being hired for 1 or 2 years, in which case there is an option to renew the contract.
  • The Agreement makes provision for bonuses and allowances to be paid to the employee.
  • The employee must be paid overtime at 1 times the normal rate for hours worked in excess.....

Australia Employment Agreement for Executive Position

Hire a candidate to fill a management position within an Australian company with this standard form Employment Agreement for executives.

  • The employee agrees not to take on any other employment, serve on the board of directors of any other company, or engage in any competing business activities.
  • In addition to a base salary, the employee will be paid a performance bonus and an annual bonus if the company's sales reach certain targets.
  • The executive is elig.....

Australia Workplace Agreement

Prepare a Workplace Agreement for a new or existing employee with this comprehensive template for employers in Australia.

  • The AWA is not an employment contract at common law.
  • Both parties must comply with occupational health and safety laws, as well as industry codes of practice.
  • The employee's engagement is subject to a 3-month probation period.
  • Provisions for overtime, Sunday work, and shift work.
  • The employee is entitled to meal breaks.....