Film and TV Contracts

Download customizable contracts and forms for your film, television or theater production.

  • A great solution for independent movie and TV projects on tight budgets.
  • These forms are provided by film industry professionals and entertainment lawyers.
  • Templates for feature motion pictures, documentary films, TV series, commercials, video shoots, and live theatrical performances.
  • Once you purchase them, you can re-use them on your next production. No additional license fees, no more ordering preprinted forms.

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Actor & Character Personal Props List

Create a Personal Props List for each actor in a film or television production with this easy-to-use template form.

  • The props list allows the Props Department to track personal props by actor and/or character.
  • The tracking list helps to ensure that all the items are on set before filming each scene.
  • This is a MS Word template which can be filled in electronically or printed out in blank and filled in by hand.

Don't take a chance on losing or misplacing important props. Keep track of everything with this Actor and Character Personal Props List.


Actor Employment Agreement (Non-Union Day Performers)

Hire a non-union day player for a film or television production with this Actor Employment Agreement (Non-Union Day Performers).

  • The actor will provide his/her own wardrobe, except for period costumes or specialty items which will be provided by the production company.
  • The film's producer represents that it is not a party to any Screen Actors Guild collective bargaining agreement, and the performer warrants that he/she is not a member of any union or guild which would prevent the performer from working on the picture.
  • The actor gives the producer the exclusive right to use the actor's name and likeness in connection with the picture. The producer will also hold all merchandising rights, and will pay the actor a pro rata share of the gross revenues derived from the use of the actor's name or likeness in connection with merchandising.
  • The contract includes an employment eligibility clause as required by U.S. laws, which can be deleted for Canadian film productions.

The Actor Employment Agreement (Non-Union Day Performers) is a fully customizable template. You can use it in the United States and in Canada.


Adult Film Production Agreement

Hire an independent filmmaker to produce feature films and videos for the adult market with this Adult Film Production Agreement template.

  • The filmmaker (producer) will produce the films for a studio that produces and markets a variety of adult products for sale through retail outlets and online.
  • The producer agrees to produce and deliver a minimum number of films during each year of the term of the Agreement. Each film will be produced in two versions, one hard and one soft.
  • Upon payment for each film delivered, all rights in the film will transfer to the studio.
  • The producer agrees to be available for activities to promote the films, which will be paid for by the studio.
  • This is a non-exclusive contract. The producer is free to produce his own films, or to work with other studios during the term of the Agreement.

The Adult Film Production Agreement is a comprehensive digital template which can be customized for your unique and special circumstances.


Amateur Theater Production Checklist

This Amateur Theater Production Checklist runs through all the matters you need to address before producing and staging a play or musical:

  • finding a suitable project and getting authorization from the copyright holder to perform the play,
  • locating and renting a theater venue to stage the production (if you don't already have one),
  • drawing up a budget,
  • deciding on a director, production designer, stage manager, costume designer, and other necessary personnel,
  • arranging for liability insurance,
  • auditions, casting, and rehearsals,
  • arranging publicity for the production,
  • staging the performances,
  • looking after post-production details.

Download the Amateur Theater Production Checklist before your next stage production. It will help you stay organized. And it's free!


Animal Performer Agreement for Film and TV

Hire animals to perform in a movie or television production with this Animal Performer Agreement.

  • The contract can be used to acquire the services of horses, dogs, cats, birds, or any other animal performers required by the script.
  • The animal's owner will have the animals available on the shooting dates and at the location(s) specified.
  • The animals will be accompanied at all times by an experienced trainer / handler.
  • The owner will ensure that the animals are kept safe and secure, and that they do not at any time pose a threat to persons or other animals, both on and off the set.
  • The owner must ensure that all rules and guidelines of the SPCA are followed, and that all laws and regulations governing animal safety are obeyed, to ensure the animals' safety and well being.

Download the template Animal Performer Agreement for your next movie or television production that requires animals.


Artist Broadcast Release (TV or Radio Program)

Get a release from a performer for a television or radio program with this downloadable Artist Broadcast Release form.

  • The artist grants the producers of the program the right to record and broadcast the artist's voice and/or musical performance, but ONLY for purposes of the broadcast.
  • The artist waives all right to royalties or other compensation for the performance.
  • The template includes a signature section by a parent or guardian, for performers who are minors.

Make sure you get a signed Artist Broadcast Release form from each artist involved in the TV or radio program prior to the broadcast. You can re-use this digital template as often as you like.