Consulting Contract Forms

Buy easy template Consulting Contract Forms which can be customized to fit your business and your unique needs. Your time is valuable. These downloadable contracts save you time and money.


Q. How can I make sure I have all the information I need to write the contract?

A. During your initial meetings with a prospective client, ask as many questions as possible about the project and take thorough notes. Get a very clear picture of the scope of the work, the timeline, everything involved. Then put it all in a written proposal - once the client has agreed to the proposal, you're ready to draw up the contract.

Q. What does "scope of work" include?

"Scope of work" means not only the work that you will do for the client, but also any work that is to be excluded from the contract price. Anything extra should be clearly identified as such, and the costs of the extra work should be clarified as well. Set out the process that the client must follow to request extra work (usually it entails submitting a change order of some kind).

It's also very important to define what the work product will be (ie. the work you create or invent under the terms of the agreement), and who will own it at the end of the contract.

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Canada Consulting Agreement for IT Services

If you provide IT services for Canadian businesses, this Consulting Agreement template is an easy and fast way to prepare your client contracts.

  • The contract template can be used in any province or territory of Canada.
  • The IT consultant is autonomous and is not subject to supervision by the client's personnel.
  • This contract is not exclusive. The IT consultant has the right to work for other clients.
  • The consultant is responsible for its own employee deductions and remittances, and indemifies the client against any claims by Canada Revenue Agency or others with respect to its employees.
  • The IT consulting firm and its employees shall not disclose any of the client's confidential information.
  • Ownership of all deliverables under the contract belongs solely to the client.
  • The contract includes a non-solicitation clause to prevent the consultant from soliciting the client's customers or employees.

To access the form, follow these three steps: 1. Add it to your cart. 2. Check out and pay for the form. 3. Download it.


Canada Consulting Agreement for Software Development

Canadian software consultants can use this comprehensive template to prepare Consulting Agreements for clients that they are developing software for.

  • This legal document template can be used in any province or territory.
  • The consultant is not subject to supervision by or instructions from the client.
  • The consultant indemnifies the client against claims by Revenue Canada for employee deductions, and against claims for damages, loss or injury caused by the consultant's employees.
  • The consultant and its employees are bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure provisions with respect to the client's information and data.
  • The client is the sole owner of all deliverables under the contract.
  • The consultant will not solicit staff or customers of the client.
  • The consultant provides no warranty of the deliverables and assumes no risk or liability for risk or injury resulting from the use of the deliverables.

Download the Consulting Agreement for Software Development immediately after you purchase it.


Canada Consulting Contract and Confidentiality Agreement

Any company in Canada that hires outside consultants should download this Consulting Services Contract and Confidentiality Agreement.

  • The Consulting Services Contract covers the terms and conditions governing the consultant's retainer.
  • The Confidentiality Agreement is required to protect against disclosure of your sensitive business information.
  • The consultant is retained as an independent contractor and not as an employee of the company.
  • The consultant's duties include numerous financial and managerial functions such as preparing budget plans and budgets, preparing financial statements, developing company policies, overseeing investor relations and sourcing opportunities for acquisitions.
  • The template is fully customizable and can be used anywhere in Canada except Québec.

You can download the Consulting Services Contract and Confidentiality Agreement immediately after purchasing it.


Canada Consulting Services Agreement

No matter what type of consulting services you provide, you need a good standard contract template. Download this Canada Consulting Services Agreement for your business.

  • The contract is non-exclusive. The consultant is free to provide consulting services to other clients or to be retained by other companies which may compete directly with the client's business.
  • The consultant agrees to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Either party may terminate the agreement on proper notice.
  • Reports and other data generated by the consultant are the property of the client, and the client retains all proprietary rights in the data.
  • The Agreement can be used in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Get the Canada Consulting Services Agreement and you can easily tailor it for your unique business needs.


China Consulting Services Agreement

Provide business consulting services to clients in China with this Consulting Services Agreement for foreign consultants doing business in the PRC.

  • The consultant will be paid a fixed consulting fee, payable upon receipt of the invoice by the customer.
  • There are confidentiality provisions to protect against disclosure of the client's confidential information by the consultant.
  • If a party breaches the Agreement, it is liable for compensatory damages to the other party.
  • The parties agree to binding arbitration in the event of a dispute.
  • The customer has ownership of any intellectual property arising out of the performance of the Agreement.
  • This is an English-language legal form. A Chinese translation of the document may be required to ensure its validity under the laws of People's Republic of China.

The Consulting Services Agreement is a digital template which can be edited to fit your unique circumstances.


Consulting Agreement Checklist

Before you draft a Consulting Agreement with an outside consultant, download this free checklist.

  • The checklist lists 15 legal issues that you need to consider when drawing up the agreement.
  • When you have reviewed all of those issues, use this Consulting Services Agreement template to write up the contract.
  • The checklist and agreement templates are both generic in nature and do not refer specifically to the laws of any country.

Download your free copy of the Consulting Agreement Checklist now.