Catering Forms

Your catering business keeps you busy. Save time and money with these customizable easy-to-use contracts and template forms for caterers.

  • Business planning and marketing tools to help you grow your catering company, identify new clients, and get a business loan.
  • Customer service forms to gather comments and feedback from clients so you can improve your menu offerings and service levels.
  • Legal contracts and agreements written by lawyers.
  • Affordable generic catering forms that are not country-specific and can be used anywhere.
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Catering Business Plan

Prepare a business plan for your catering operation with this affordable Catering Business Plan template which includes:

  • A market analysis and marketing strategy.
  • A financial model with pro formas.
  • A Confidentiality Agreement to protect your proprietary information, such as financial data.
  • Instructions in each section to help you complete the document.

To succeed in the competitive catering industry, you need a solid well-thought-out business plan. Get started on yours today by downloading this customizable template.


Catering Client Focus Group Questionnaire

Conduct a focus group of potential clients to get input on their catering preferences with this easy-to-use questionnaire form.

  • The answers that your group gives to the questions can help you determine what food products and services your target customers are looking for and the price they expect to pay for those products and services.
  • Find out what types of events people typically hire a caterer to look after for them, and how frequently they use a caterer.
  • You can easily customize the questionnaire to fit your unique business profile and personalize it for each focus group.
  • To purchase the Focus Group Questionnaire, add it to your shopping cart and proceed through the checkout.


Catering Contract

Buy this professional Catering Contract template for your catering business, and write up your customer contracts quickly and easily.

  • This is a customizable template which can be reused as often as you require.
  • The contract price covers a guaranteed number of guests, plus an additional per person charge if the actual number of guests exceeds the guaranteed number.
  • The caterer reserves the right to substitute unavailable or overpriced items.
  • Provisions for the caterer to provide serving staff and bartenders, if the client requires. The client will pay overtime for staff that are required outside of the contract hours.
  • The caterer is responsible for obtaining its own general liability insurance coverage.
  • The client must provide adequate food and beverage storage facilities, and the client is responsible for any illness or death resulting from a delay in serving the food which is not directly attributable to the caterer.
  • The caterer's liability is limited to the actual amount of damages sustained by the client or the sum of all amounts paid by the client.
  • The contract includes a contract price worksheet.

The Catering Contract template is available in MS Word format. If you need a different format, let us know and we'll convert it for you.


Catering Customer Satisfaction Survey

How satisfied are your catering customers? Find out with this Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Encourage your clients to fill in the forms and give you their comments and feedback about the catering services you provided, including:
  • preparation of food,
  • quality of service,
  • comparison of your performance with that of other caterers the client has used in the past.

Feedback from your customers is the best way to find out what you're doing right and what you need to improve upon. This Catering Customer Satisfaction Survey form is easy to customize specially for your business.


Catering Market Research Survey

Gather information from potential catering customers in your target markets with this Catering Market Research Survey form. Sample questions include:

  • How often do they use a caterer and for what types of events?
  • Do they have a regular caterer, and why do they continue to use them?
  • How much have they spent in the past year on catering?

The Catering Market Research Survey form can be used to gather information from both individuals and corporate sector clients.


Catering Marketing Plan

Write a professional marketing strategy and action plan for your catering business with this fully editable Catering Marketing Plan template.

A marketing plan will enable you to map out your marketing strategies and budgets for the next 3-5 years. This Catering Marketing Plan can be used by either a start-up or an existing business. It includes:
  • financial and budget projections with respect to marketing and promotions,
  • a marketing strategy,
  • market research and forecast,
  • a competitor analysis and competitive strategy,
  • a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis,
  • a risk evaluation and contingency plan for dealing with those risks,
  • a Confidentiality Agreement which should be signed by anyone outside your company who receives a copy of the Plan, to protect your confidential business information.

To get the Catering Marketing Plan, put it in your shopping cart, check out with your preferred method of payment, and download the template to your computer or tablet.