Sports and Fitness Forms

Get release and waiver forms, service contracts and rental agreements for sports, fitness and recreation businesses.

  • Download customizable templates for sporting events, sports teams and clubs.
  • Releases for gyms and personal trainers, health clubs, fitness facilities and extreme sports businesses.
  • Rental agreements for camping and outdoor outfitters.
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BC Rental Agreement for Camping Gear and Vehicle

Rent out vehicles and camping gear with this British Columbia Self Drive Vehicle and Camping Equipment Rental Agreement.

  • This template is for outdoor outfitters who lease equipment to campers.
  • Rental rates are calculated on a daily basis. Provincial Social Services Tax and federal GST are calculated on rental fees. Foreign visitors may be able to reclaim their GST.
  • A security deposit is required for all rentals and is refunded upon return of the rental items, less any deductions for loss or damage.
  • All drivers must possess a valid driver's licence with photo ID. Drivers must be within specified age limits.
  • Passengers in the vehicle must not exceed a specified number at any time. All small children must be secured in child safety seats, which are also available for rental. Vehicle travel is only permitted on public roads.
  • The rental company maintains public liability insurance for the rental of the vehicle and equipment. The customer has the option to purchase extra insurance, which reduces the deductible.
  • The customer acknowledges the risks associated with the use of the camping and recreational equipment and assumes full responsibility, and releases the rental company from any liability.
  • The Rental Agreement is governed by British Columbia laws. To download the form, add it to your cart and buy it using our secure payment methods.


Camping Equipment Rental Agreement

Outdoor outfitters, rent out tents and camping gear with this Camping Equipment Rental Agreement template.

  • The rental agreement can be used to rent all kinds of outdoor equipment for camping and hiking, including tents, sleeping bags, stoves, propane tanks, packs, etc.
  • Cooking and smoking are not allowed in tents.
  • The renter is responsible for making sure all equipment is returned on the return date.
  • The outfitter does not warrant that the equipment will work as intended.
  • The renter warrants that he/she knows how to use the equipment properly.
  • A cleaning and damage deposit is required on all rentals. A fuel fee is charged for each fuel tank included in the rental.
  • The agreement includes a Waiver and Release by the renter, releasing the outfitter from all liability for damage, loss or injury.

You can download the Camping Equipment Rental Agreement immediately after purchasing it.


Canada Waiver and Release for Fitness Program

If your company runs fitness programs in Canada, you need to protect yourself against injury and damages claims with this Waiver and Release form.

  • The release form can be used by gyms, fitness clubs and facilities that offer exercise and athletic programs.
  • Every person who participates in one of the programs should sign a Waiver and Release before starting the program.
  • The participant releases the facility from any liability for personal injury or death resulting from the person's participation in the fitness program.
  • The participant acknowledges that there are inherent risks associated with the program and assumes all responsibility for those risks, and waives any legal claims he/she may have for injury or death.
  • This form can be used in any Canadian province or territory. (Québec facilities are advised to seek legal advice before using.)

Don't take chances with your business. Download the Waiver and Release form today.


Dance Instruction Agreement

The Dance Instruction Agreement template can be used by dance studios and independent instructors to prepare contracts for students. Buy it, download it, personalize it for your business.

  • The Agreement contains options for several fee payment plans, including a pay-as-you-go plan, a full season plan and an automated payment plan. Keep the ones that apply, delete the ones that don't.
  • The template also includes an Authorization to Charge Credit Card form which you can use for pay-as-you-go customers.
  • The document also contains provisions dealing with cancellations and missed classes due to weather or extreme circumstances, or for other reasons.
  • The student releases the dance studio from liability for property loss or damage, injury and death.

This Dance Instruction Agreement is a generic legal contract which can be used in the U.S., Canada and many other countries.


Fitness Program Waiver and Release for Pregnant Women

Do you offer prenatal fitness, yoga or exercise programs? Get every participant to sign this Fitness Program Waiver and Release of Liability form for pregnant women.

  • Protect your business and its employees against claims arising from injury or death of a pregnant woman or the unborn child that could be associated with the woman's participation in the program.
  • The participant releases the fitness facility from any and all liability.
  • The participant acknowledges the risks associated with the program and states that she has obtained the permission of her doctor to take part in the fitness ⁄ exercise program.
  • This is a reusable legal form. Buy it, download it, customize for your business - use it as often as you require.

The Fitness Program Waiver and Release for Pregnant Women can help protect your business against expensive legal fees defending a lawsuit.


High Risk Sport Release and Waiver

If your business provides high risk sports programs to the public, you need to protect yourself and your employees against injury or wrongful death lawsuits with this Release and Waiver form.

  • This form is ideal for businesses that offer such activities as rock climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, or heavy contact sports.
  • The form must be signed by each participant before they can take part in the activity.
  • The participant releases the facility, its employees and management from any liability connected with the participant's involvement in the sport or activity.
  • The participant assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with the activity and waives his/her rights to file a legal claim.
  • This is a fully editable and reusable release form. Buy it, download it, customize for your business, use it as often as you require.

Don't risk the future of your business - purchase and download the High Risk Sport Release and Waiver Form.