Painting Contractor Forms

Prepare contracts, warranties and customer invoices for your painting business with these downloadable templates for professional painting contractors. Affordable and easy to customize to fit your business needs.

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Contractor Invoice and Account Statement

Prepare your own contractor invoices for work on residential or commercial properties with this easy-to-use Contractor Invoice and Account Statement form.

The form includes a customer account statement showing:
  • the original contract price,
  • additional amounts under any change orders,
  • records of deposits and installment payments already made by the customer.

Whip up invoices quickly and easily. The Contractor Invoice and Account Statement is a digital template that you can customize for your business and use again and again.


Exterior Painting Contract - Commercial

Does your painting business handle commercial business projects? Then you need this easy-to-use Exterior Painting Contract.

  • This is a fixed fee contract template.
  • The painting contractor will provide all materials, labor, scaffolding, tools, equipment and supervision required for the job.
  • The painting contractor is responsible for protection of vehicles, shrubbery and all exterior surfaces which are not being painted.
  • The painting contractor is responsible for ensuring the safety of workers, occupants and visitors, and for removal of hazardous substances and cleanup of the work site.
  • The customer is responsible for supplying utilities, toilets, access to the work areas, keys if and when necessary, and for maintaining adequate insurance.
  • The painting contractor has the right to subcontract all or part of the work.

See how easy it can be to prepare professional contracts. Purchase the Exterior Painting Contract - Commercial for your painting business - add it to your shopping cart, complete the check-out and then download the form. It's yours to use as often as you need.


Exterior Painting Contract - Residential

Write up a fixed fee Exterior Painting Contract for a residential customer with this easy-to-use template.

  • The painting contractor will provide all the paint, materials and equipment necessary to complete the job.
  • The contract price will be paid in several payments, with the balance due on completion.
  • A signed change order is required for any alterations to the work specified.
  • The contractor is responsible for cleanup and for job site safety.
  • The home owner agrees to provide electricity, water, toilets, and access to the job site as necessary, in order for the contractor's personnel to get the work done.

You can customize the Exterior Painting Contract - Residential for your unique business. Buy and download yours now.


Interior Painting Contract - Commercial

Write up your contracts like a pro with this Interior Painting Contract for commercial jobs. 

  • All paint, tools, and labor required for the job will be supplied by the contractor.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to provide utilities, toilets, access to work areas, and keys if and when necessary.
  • The contractor is responsible for ensuring the safety of its workers and of the public, and for cleaning up the worksite.
  • The contractor can subcontract all or part of the job.
  • Buy it, download it, customize it for your business. Use it as often as you like.

Painting contractors can easily prepare professional customer agreements for commercial clients with this customizable Interior Painting Contract form.


Interior Painting Contract - Residential

Writing up painting contracts for your residential customers can be easier than you think with this easy-to-use Interior Painting Contract template.

  • The customer will pay the contract price in several installments, with the balance due on completion.
  • Any alterations to the work specified in the contract must be agreed to under a signed change order.
  • The painting contractor is responsible for providing the labor and materials for the job and for site cleanup and safety.
  • The home owner must carry appropriate insurance.

Your painting business needs a good standard form Interior Painting Contract for residential projects. Buy and download this customizable template now.


Painting Limited Warranty Certificate

Painting contractors, prepare a limited warranty for workmanship with this customizable Painting Limited Warranty Certificate.

  • The warranty does not cover paint or any other materials selected for use on the project.
  • The Certificate lists items which are specifically not considered defects in workmanship, and other restrictions of the warranty.
  • The Certificate sets out the procedure to be followed by the customer for warranty work.
  • This is a reusable Word template that you can customize for your specific business needs.

This Painting Limited Warranty Certificate protects your business against unreasonable warranty claims. Add it to your cart, check out, and download the form.