Starting Up a Small Business

Launch and manage your business venture with these downloadable forms, information and resources for starting up a small business. Save time and money.


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Business Leasing Checklists

Should you lease space for your business, or should you buy a building? How do you determine the best location? These Business Leasing Checklists can help you find the answers to those questions:

  1. Lease vs. Purchase Checklist, to help you determine whether it is in the best interest of your business to lease or purchase both your space and your equipment.
  2. Site Pros and Cons Worksheet, to list all the advantages and disadvantages of a number of potential site locations.
  3. Leased Premises Checklist, which contains a list of items that you need to research when evaluating a prospective lease location for your business.
These Business Leasing Checklists are provided in MS Word format, and are easy to download and use.

Business Leasing Location Worksheet

Are you looking for commercial space to lease for your business? Use this free Leasing Location Worksheet to help you list the pros and cons of each potential location.

Determine whether the size and layout of the premises will fit your needs, whether you will need to make extensive leasehold improvements, how accessible the site is, and other relevant information to help you make your decision.

This Business Leasing Location Worksheet is in MS Word format, for easy downloading and printing. Fill it in by hand or on the computer.

Business Name Worksheet

Trying to decide on the best name for your new business? Use this free worksheet to record the pros and cons of each of your choices.

A suitable business name should be meaningful, and appropriate for your target market. It should be a name reflects the character of your business and the products or services you provide. The worksheet allows you to:
  1. list several names that appeal to you,
  2. answer some questions about each name, and
  3. help you narrow your choice to a memorable and 'catchy' name that will brand your company in a positive way with the public.
This free Business Name Worksheet is available as a downloadable Word file which is fully editable.

Canada Incorporation Checklist (Business Corporation)

Planning on incorporating a business corporation in Canada? Use this free Incorporation Checklist to help you prepare the necessary documents to organize the corporation.

The Incorporation Checklist will help you gather all the required information, such as:
  • names and addresses of initial directors and shareholders
  • classes of authorized shares
  • jurisdiction (province) in which the company will be incorporated
  • registered and records office addresses
  • fiscal year end
  • other relevant information necessary to help you complete the forms.

This free Canada Incorporation Checklist for Business Corporation form is provided in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in and print.


Daily Cash Float and Deposit Worksheet

Manage cash flow and track deposits for a small business with this Daily Cash Float and Deposit Worksheet.

  • The worksheet will calculate the amount of each day's opening floats and closing cash.
  • Instructions included to show you how to use the form.
  • Ideal for box office or concession stand operations, or any other operation using a cash float.
  • Editable spreadsheet format.

Daily Cash Float and Deposit Worksheet, available as a MS Excel file.


Guide to Developing Strategic Business Plans

Learn how to develop strategic marketing, business and operations plans with this 9-page Guide to Developing Strategic Plans and Business Plans.

Some of the topics covered by the how-to guide include:
  • straightforward approaches to strategic and business planning,
  • characteristics of strategic planning vs. operational planning,
  • analysis models (SWOT - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats),
  • what questions to ask when developing your plan,
  • how to prepare operational and investor-oriented business plans.

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