Workplace Manuals and Policies

Get downloadable workplace manuals and policies to keep your workers informed and your workplace safe. Make sure your employees know and understand the rules.

  • Customizable OHS policy statements on health, safety, and housekeeping topics.
  • Training sessions which can be delivered in 15 minutes to your staff.
  • Well-written, fair and reasonable policies for performance standards, on-the-job conduct, use of equipment, accident prevention, vacation and leave, and employer expectations.
  • All documents are prepared by industry experts in the workplace health and safety field.
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Accident and Incident Reporting Policy

Set out your company's policy and procedure for reporting workplace accidents and incidents in this downloadable and customizable Policy Statement template.

  • The Policy must be followed by all employees, contractors and visitors to the company's premises and all who use company equipment or vehicles.
  • Procedures for reporting all accidents, incidents and injuries are described in detail.
  • Company management and safety officers will conduct an investigation, record the findings, make recommendations and take appropriate action to prevent a recurrence.

It's the responsibility of everyone to improve workplace safety. Make sure your workers understand what's required of them. Buy and download the Accident and Incident Reporting Policy template now.


AIDS and HIV Company Policy Statement

Develop an AIDS and HIV Policy for your company with this downloadable template form.

The purpose of the Policy is to provide information, support and resources to all employees, in order to encourage understanding for those affected with an AIDS-related condition and to dispel anxieties based on misinformation and fear.

The Policy addresses the company's stance on a number of issues, such as:
  • discrimination,
  • testing by consent only,
  • confidentiality of medical information,
  • no loss of job opportunities,
  • information, education and training,
  • care and support for affected persons,
  • reasonable accommodation for work performance,
  • disciplinary action for non-compliance.

Purchase the AIDS and HIV Policy template and easily customize it for your business. Just add it to your shopping cart, check out, and download the form.


Canada WHMIS Guide

Do your employees know how to handle hazardous chemicals? Keep them safe. Provide them each with a copy of this Canada Guide to Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS).

WHMIS is a system designed to ensure that Canadian workers are informed and prepared in order to work safely with hazardous materials in the workplace. This guide includes a number of topics including:
  • 7 Rules of Chemical Safety,
  • the short-term and long-term harmful effects of chemicals on the body,
  • elements of material safety data sheets (MSDS),
  • how to identify WHMIS labels and symbols,
  • what is required of suppliers and employers to comply with the WHMIS system and the law.

The Canada Guide to Workplace Hazardous Material Information System is a PDF download.


Cell Phone Use, Messaging and Texting Policy Statement

Employers, establish a clear policy regarding employee use of cell phones, instant messaging and texting with this Policy Statement template.

The Policy Statement addresses:
  • employee use of company phones for personal reasons,
  • personal use of cell phones during work hours,
  • limitations on use of communications devices in company-owned vehicles, and in an employee's personal vehicle,
  • instant messaging and texting.
This Cell Phone Use, Messaging and Texting Policy Statement is provided in MS Word format and is fully editable to meet your business needs.

Chiropractic Office Safety Plan Policy

Create an office Safety Plan Policy and Incident Occurrence Report with this downloadable template for a chiropractic clinic. This template includes:

  • the procedure for appointing safety officers,
  • maintenance of required health and safety certification,
  • emergency evacuation procedures,
  • emergency equipment,
  • incident reporting, and a sample Incident Occurrence Report Form.

This Chiropractic Office Safety Plan Policy and Incident Occurrence Report can be easily customized for your unique business needs.


Compressed Gas Safety Policy

If your workplace uses compressed gas, your workers must be trained in its use and handling. This Compressed Gas Safety Policy contains information on:

  • proper procedures for safe handling, use and storage of compressed gas cylinders,
  • how to check for leaks and what to do if a leak is detected or suspected,
  • emergency procedures,
  • safe practices for manifolds and piped systems,
  • safe practices for flammable gas systems,
  • a list of commonly used compressed gases.

Don't take chances with your workers' health and safety. Buy the Compressed Gas Safety Policy template and customize it for your workplace, then make sure every employee has a copy.