Purchasing Forms

Purchase inventory, equipment, goods and services for your business with these easy customizable Purchasing Forms.

  • In most small businesses, the purchasing department consists of one person - often an owner or partner. If that sounds like you, then you need all the help you can get to make your job run more smoothly.
  • These convenient downloadable templates are a cost-effective resource for the small company.
  • And you can re-use them as often as you like, which eliminates the need to order printed forms.
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Acceptance of Damaged Goods with Discount

Has a supplier sent you defective or damaged goods? Inform the supplier you'll accept them provided you get a discount, with this Acceptance of Damaged Goods form.

You can download the MS Word template or copy and paste the text below.


(name of supplier)


Dear Sir / Madam:

The undersigned received defective or non-conforming goods in respect of our order dated the _________ day of ________________, _______________. The items and nature of the damage or non-conformity are as follows:

(describe the problems with the shipment)

We shall accept said goods provided we are given a discount of $_________ (______________ dollars) from the price. Please advise immediately.


(name of person signing)

Canada Purchase Money Inventory Security Agreement

If you sell inventory on credit to your customers, secure payment for the goods with this Canada Purchase Money Security Agreement.

  • The supplier (as secured party) agrees to extend credit to the customer (as debtor) for the purchase of inventory, in exchange for a purchase money security interest in all of the debtor's present and future inventory and proceeds.
  • The term 'proceeds' includes cash and non-cash proceeds, such as accounts, contract rights, and chattel paper.
  • The debtor cannot sell or transfer any of the collateral except in the ordinary course of business, and the customer must hold the proceeds of the sale in trust for the secured party.
  • The secured party has the right to take possession of the collateral if the debtor fails to make payment or defaults under the terms of the Agreement.

The Canada Purchase Money Inventory Security Agreement gives Canadian suppliers a more secure method of selling goods on credit. It can be used in any province that has Personal Property Security Act legislation.


Deferred Payment Agreement

Your best customers deserve special treatment. This Deferred Payment Agreement is a great way to show how much you trust them and value their business.

  • The supplier agrees to supply inventory to the customer on a regular schedule and to defer payment on the terms set out in the contract.
  • Payment will be made in arrears and the customer will be invoiced weekly.
  • Regular shipments will be estimated and determined based on the customer's recent ordering history.
  • The supplier retains ownership of the goods shipped until full payment is made. Both parties will carry insurance on the goods.
  • The supplier has the right to do a physical inventory on the customer's premises each year.

You can customize the Deferred Payment Agreement to your exact needs. This is a generic digital template which can be used anywhere.


Demand for Delivery of Goods

You ordered merchandise from a supplier but you haven't received it within a reasonable time. What do you do? You send them this Demand for Delivery of Goods.

You can download the digital file or copy and paste the text below onto your company letterhead. All communications with the supplier should be documented in case legal action becomes necessary.



(name of supplier)


Dear Sir / Madam:

Whereas the undersigned has now made full payment to you in the sum of $___________ for all goods to be shipped pursuant to our purchase order dated __________, 20____, we hereby demand delivery of the goods ordered in said purchase order in accordance with our contract.


(name of customer)


Inventory Purchase Report Form

Download this free Inventory Purchase Report form for your business.

Your purchasing department can use this Report Form to record parts and inventory purchases, unit costs and total expenditures, broken down by department.

This Inventory Purchase Report form is in MS Word format, and can be downloaded and completed on a computer, or printed out and filled in by hand.

Inventory Report Form

Download a free Inventory Report Form for your business.

  • This simple form allows you to track inventory from purchase and receipt of goods through sale of individual inventory items.
  • Downloadable and customizable.
This free Inventory Report Form can be filled in on the computer or printed off and filled in by hand.