Assignment Forms

Assign your legal interest in goods or property, or your rights under a contract, to another party with these ready-made Assignment Forms.


What is an assignment?

Assignment is the act of transferring ownership of property (real or personal) or certain rights under a contract, deed, or other legal instrument from one party to another, usually for cash or some other consideration, or as settlement of a debt or other obligation.

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Assignment of Claim for Damages

Assign a claim for damages in a legal action with this downloadable assignment form.

  • The party who won the court case (the assignor) assigns and transfers his/her rights to a third party (the assignee).
  • The assignee has the right to prosecute and collect the damages awarded in the claim.
  • The form is editable and can be tailored to fit your special circumstances.

Download the Assignment of Claim for Damages form immediately after purchasing it.


Assignment of Contract Debt

Assign your interest in a contract debt to a third party with this template Assignment of Contract Debt form.

  • The interest being assigned is a debt which arose under a contract to sell certain assets to another party who failed to follow through on the transaction.
  • The assignee is now purchasing the assets and will acquire the right to collect the debt along with the property.
  • The Assignment form is generic (not country specific) and can be used anywhere.

To access the file, add it to your cart and go through the checkout. Then you can download the form to your computer or tablet.


Assignment of Contract to Third Party

Assign your rights and obligations under a contract to a third party with this Assignment of Contract form.

  • The assignor transfers to the assignee all of its interest and rights under the contract, including the right to any sums due and the right to bring legal action.
  • The assignment requires the consent of the other party to the contract.

You can download the Assignment of Contract to Third Party template right after you purchase it.


Assignment of Life Insurance Policy as Collateral

Transfer a life insurance policy to a lender as collateral for a loan with this Assignment of Life Insurance Policy form.

  • The lender has the sole right to collect any proceeds payable under the policy.
  • The lender is at liberty to surrender the policy and receive any distributions, dividends or surplus.
  • The assignor retains the right to collect disability benefits, designate or change beneficiaries, and elect for optional settlement.

The Assignment of Life Insurance Policy form is a generic legal template that makes no specific references to the laws of any country.


Australia Trademark Assignment Without Goodwill

If you hold a trademark that is registered in Australia, you can assign it to another party with this Trademark Assignment Agreement Without Goodwill.

  • Under this Agreement, only the trademark is assigned, and not the goodwill of the assignor's business.
  • The assignor reserves the right to continue to use the trademark in connection with its business.

This Australia Trademark Assignment Agreement Without Goodwill template is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable.


Canada Assignment of Judgment to CMHC

Prepare an Assignment of Judgment and Writ of Execution to Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation with this template form.

  • This form of Assignment would be used in a foreclosure action.
  • The assignment is made by a mortgage lender who has obtained judgment against a mortgagor after foreclosing on lands secured by a CMHC-insured mortgage.
This Canada Assignment of Judgment and Writ of Execution to CMHC form is provided in MS Word format.